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   Chapter 145 Let Bygones Be Bygones

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Although Justin didn't interrupt Lily's work and bought some home ornaments and bed utensils during her working hours, Lily still had no idea about this "innovations".

Although there was still some time before The New Year's day, the party must be planned in advance, the plan needed to be reported and revised, and there was not enough time.

In the past, when Lily didn't have inspiration, she would try on clothes crazily in the cloakroom to vent her anxiety, which was equivalent to doing sports.

Lily had been staying in the hotel for a period of time, and the clothes hadn't been put out, so she didn't bother to try them on. Now, although she had a wardrobe, there was no room for her to try it on the weekend after Justin cleaned it.

Wait? With an idea, Lily could turn the inner room into a cloakroom.

Well, she decided to put Justin's "treasure" in the middle.

Thinking of the suit, Lily took it out of the wardrobe. Although brown was the basic color, it was a very picky color, it was easy to look mediocre or rustic.

And the one that Justin specially flew to Italy was obviously worth it. The top-grade wool fabric was soft but wide, and the craftsmen's intentions could be seen clearly through every stitch.

People still needed to wear clothes to make themselves look prettier. Wearing such clothes, the personal temperament was naturally different.

But flying to Italy for an interview of a community was a bit exaggerated, which was difficult for many people. Many new graduates even bought a suit worth a few dozen dollars for an interview.

Just as Justin said, the first time one ate the dumplings made of Spanish mackerel, if the food was very delicious, then he would fall in love with it from then on. If the first time they ate the dumplings made of shoddy fillings, which were both fishy and tasteless, he might not eat it anymore and miss a delicious dish in the world.

The same thing happened to people. If the interviewer looked at this person and found that he was wearing shabby clothes, or felt that he didn't care about his own clothes, he might miss a talent.

tisement for Carlorine. But I calmed down and thought that you were indeed too idle recently, so I just wanted to hand over this case to you. If you couldn't do it well, I would let you go."

Lily was surprised at his words, 'Fortunately, I didn't just take it as a perfunctory plan.'

"I'm sorry, Alex. I just want to deal with the aftermath of my previous work."

"No, no, No. you don't have to apologize. Anyway, a talented person is always right to do anything. Is it Mae? She was talking in a strange way, she wants to make trouble for you, right? But I hate people who do something behind back the most. "

All of a sudden, Alex became friendly to her, which made Lily feel flattered, so she probably had the courage to ask, "Then, why did you..."

Alex smiled and said, "I really didn't have much work to do for you at that time, and..."

A trace of embarrassment flashed across Alex's face. "I know you have the ability. And I just did that at the beginning to tell you not to think about gaining the upper hand."

Lily smiled, "You really think highly of me, Alex. I really have a lot to learn from you."

"So do you." Alex smiled.

It felt so easy to reconcile. Lily thought she was right. What's more, she knew a different Alex. What Lily didn't say was, "Alex, you are really respected."

'Thank you. You didn't trust others and gave me the chance.

Thank you for forgiving me.'

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