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   Chapter 144 Creative Project

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Being put in an important position, Lily was not ecstatic, but a little uneasy. But she couldn't be busy with such a big thing alone.

At this time, someone patted Lily on the shoulder. It was Nana.

Nana smiled gently and said, "If you need help, just tell me."

Lily also smiled, "thank you."

'It seems that Alex really thinks highly of me this time.'

No matter what did Alex think, Lily had to try her best when the project was handed over to her. It seemed that she would be very busy recently.

She didn't want Justin to come to her when she just moved in a new house and had a big project.

After explaining the matter to Justin, he insisted, "maybe I can give you inspiration again."

"But..." Lily still hesitated.

"I won't bother you. I'll clean up your house, okay?"

It was not easy for Lily to refuse again, and she did have a hard time alone.

She was afraid that he would be unhappy if she ignored Justin. Since he didn't care, it didn't matter.

A charity dinner......

It was time for Lily to show her skills again, but she hadn't planned any activities for a long time.

"Has your company held a charity dinner?" Lily asked Justin.

"Are you planning a charity dinner this time?"


Justin thought for a while and said, "I won't tell you even if I knew it. As I have told you, it will only limit your thinking."

"I'm just asking casually, and I don't intend to imitate. If you have done it and I've written the plan, you can give me some advice."

"Well, that's fine."

Lily smiled. Justin had a good view of world outlook.

Lily's first impression on Justin was that he was a playboy who was unfaithful in love. However, some people, lik


"That's it."

Lily stood aside and watched him.

"Eh?" Justin asked in confusion.

"What's wrong?" Asked Lily.

With a brown suit in his hand, Justin smiled and said, "This is my first suit. In order to take part in the school interview, I specially flew to Italy and it was tailor-made."

"Corruption! Corruption!" Lily shook her head.

Justin continued, "Since then, I've fallen in love with suits. So from the beginning, no matter what it is, a good quality suit and a delicious Spanish Mack dumpling will make you leave a good impression on them."

It occurred to Lily that when she first met Justin, he was also wearing a casual suit. At that time, she felt that he had a good taste for clothes but his moral quality was undetermined.

Lily nodded approvingly.

"Then I'll leave this suit at your house." Justin smiled.

Lily rolled her eyes and said, "you are so narcissistic."

In fact, the planning plan was not difficult to complete. Many of procedures could follow the previous routine, but a creative project should be created every year. The highlight of this party was this creative project.

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