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   Chapter 142 Interesting

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Recently, the people in the design department were getting busier and busier, and because of the lack of time, a lot of work was more efficient for just a person than a few people's division of labor. Lily felt that she had nothing to do. On the other hand, the staff of Carlorine was very efficient. They sent the whole film to Lily for review, and she made a suggestion. After changing it a few times, the effect was very satisfactory.

The most idle week in her career was followed by the release of the jewelry advertisement of Carlorine's passionate love series. On the weekend, Justin came to see Lily and the two of them went to the cinema together. It was not until then that Lily found that her advertisement was displayed on the LED screen of the square. By the way, she hadn't seen her own advertisement after they had been released.

Lily also secretly observed the reaction of the passers-by, sure enough, many women looked back or stopped, the effect should be good.

Justin smiled, "Your work?"

Lily surprised, "How do you know?"

Justin said, "Aren't you all arrogant in your career? Who would be so intoxicated with other people's works?"

Lily rolled her eyes, "Am I so narcissistic?"

Justin put his arm around her shoulder and continued to walk forward. "Yes, you're right. And I'm your Muse."

Stunned, Lily blushed and said, "You know it?"

Justin got close to Lily's ear and said with a smile, "Of course. My girlfriend left me alone on the bed and went to work, I don't know what she is thinking about?"

"Well, the movie is about to begin. Let's go. I want to eat popcorn." Getting rid of Justin's arms, Lily walked forward quickly.

Justin shook his head helplessly and followed her.

When the movie ended, Lily received a call from Mae, "Hello, Mae."

Mae said in a strange stone, "Lily, you're so quickly. Do you have nothing to do with your new job?"

"I'm sorry to disappoint you," Said Lily with a sneer.

"How could it be? I'm glad that you have done a good job in this case and the company has benefited a lot."

"Thank you for giving me this opportunity. The advertising case I finished overnight may not be as good as the exquisite work of Linda. As long as you are satisfied with the result."

But Mae didn't pre

you do it yourself? Did your parents agree? "

"Why not? Anyway, I don't have much work to do now. I just want to kill time, and I can't get any fame even if I work for a long time. Why don't I go to do my own business? "

"What can you do?"

"Hey, Lily, just look down on me. I want to make cosmetics, and my family can also help me."

Lily smiled, "Okay, you make cosmetics and ask Betty to endorse for you."

"Marina, are you serious?" Lily only thought Marina was joking, but Betty felt that she looked very serious.

"Of course, I've been going through the resignation procedures recently."

Lily became really stunned this time, "Damn it! How could it be?"

Betty was also surprised. "Marina, you? It's too sudden. "

Marina said indifferently, "It's not a big deal. I'll leave early or late, it's good to have a try when I'm young."

"Then..." Betty didn't know what to say for a moment. "Are you willing to leave Horace?"

Marina's eyes darkened. "I have him in my heart, and I can't forget him wherever I go. He doesn't love me. Even if I'm with him, he just can't see me. "

Marina was always so careless, but now she said such sentimental words. When Lily and Betty got goose bumps, they also felt that this was not good. But if Marina came to the north and stayed away from Horace, she might forget him earlier.

All of a sudden, Lily felt herself like a magnet. Both Justin and Marina were attracted by her and headed north.

Would her life be more interesting when Marina came?

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