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   Chapter 141 Reflection

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"Okay, go ahead."

But Marina didn't move for a long time. Lily adapted to the dark environment and looked at her strangely, only to find that she was staring at her in a daze. "Tell me."

Marina said slowly, "Does Horace like you, Lily?"

Lily thought, 'What is she thinking about? ? I can't believe my ears.'

"Who? Horace? How could it be possible? "

Marina's eyes lit up, "Does he have a girlfriend? Did he get hurt because of love? "

Uh... Lily was not good at making up lies.

"It's a long story. Horace fell in love with someone he shouldn't have, so later... He becomes like this... "

Marina nodded, "It turns out that he was really hurt in love. But what kind of woman is she? She is not satisfied to meet Meade and make him feel so unforgettable."

Lily smiled with awkwardly, "There is always someone stronger than you. There are many men who are better than Horace. "

Marina said sadly, "But I do like him."

Lily became serious, "Marina, do you really like Horace?"

Marina replied yes in a muffled voice, Lily didn't know whether she admitted it or not.

She didn't want to ask too much. There was the same things that should be like what she didn't explain in front of Danny and Jake tonight. There was still room for negotiation.

In the past, Lily had always thought that Marina was just infatuated with Horace. But today, she suddenly felt that this infatuation was too much, but Horace would never accept it.

The gender was wrong. So as the premise was wrong, let alone the result.

She knew the truth, but she couldn't tell it frankly. She was afraid that Marina would be hurt, and she was also afraid that it would affect her own stable family. Lily thought that after a long time, Marina would have figured it out herself.

She hope so...

Although Marina had been talking about staying up overnight, she had fallen asleep early, leaving Lily alone thinking all night. It was a s

quickly went back to the hotel to wash her hair and change her clothes.

She looked at herself in the mirror, a set of plaid suit, simple pants, a little gaudy socks, and a pair of high-heeled boots, which well concealed her uninhibited inner. Of course, even if she was wearing a cashmere shirt, only a suit jacket was not enough to keep her warm. So she added a khaki coat.

Well, she was an elite in the workplace again.

Lily looked at herself in the mirror for a while and felt something strange.

After thinking for a long time, she realized that she wanted to change her hair again. As a woman, from the first time she did a hair style, she was not going back. Her hair was shorter and shorter... Her hair was dyed lighter and lighter... Occasionally, she wanted to dye her hair black, her straight hair might be more attractive if it was permed.

But the top priority now was to get to the company in fifteen minutes.

Lily ran to the company steadily on her six centimeter high heels.

She was not late.

When she entered the Ye Group again, she suddenly felt very stable, compared with her busy weekend.

It was so easy to work in the design department.

All of a sudden, Lily felt that she should seriously think about what Marina had said about enjoying life.

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