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   Chapter 139 Very Satisfied

Surreal Super Adoration By Zi Tengluo Characters: 7255

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The winter in the North was cold.

The winter night in the North was extremely cold.

Marina put on the down jacket and cashmere robe prepared by Lily, and Lily put on the down jacket and scarf for Estelle.

The three of them went downstairs, fully equipped. But as soon as they arrived at the gate of the hotel, Marina and Estelle were stopped by a gust of wind.

Looking at Lily, Marina hesitated and said, "how about we order take out tonight?"

Lily shook her head and said, "No, you come all the way here. Do you stay in the hotel every day to eat take out? Let's go. It's not cold after getting on the taxi. "

Fortunately, they got a taxi soon. The destination was a high-class Japanese restaurant that Lily had checked in advance. It was said that the ingredients of that restaurant were air freighted from Japan that day, and they were very good. Of course, the price was also very cheap.

Estelle liked sushi the most. Marina was also a fan of Japanese cuisine, so they were the main guests for this meal. But Lily didn't like fresh food, and nobody knew whom Estelle followed.

It was not easy to find the restaurant. Lily called the owner and a waiter came out to receive them.

It was also the first time for Lily to come to this restaurant. She was secretly shocked as soon as she entered the door. There was only a bar counter, and few people could sit down. Two men and a woman had already taken their seats. The chef was in the bar, making food under the eyes of the guests.

There was no menu and no order. There were only three level of prices. Since she had come, of course she would choose the most expensive one.

At this time, the man next to her turned his head, and Lily turned around, just seeing his eyes.

"Hey, you are...... Mrs. Lily? " The man said.

How could she meet them here? But she still summoned up her courage to say hello, "Jake, are you here for dinner?"

"Well, I accompanied my boss." Jake smiled, and the other man also looked at them without any expression in his eyes.

"Mr. Danny," said Lily.

The woman with them also smiled at Lily. She was a very bright and elegant person, but not aggressive

't know how to continue the meal.

She felt relaxed and the food in her mouth tasted more delicious.

The first snow, her sweet friends and lovely daughter were with her. Everything was so warm and artistic.

It suddenly occurred to her that it was a video call from Justin. She was happy, but she immediately thought that Marina and Estelle were still there, so she quickly hung up.

Marina asked curiously, "who is it? Why don't you answer it?"

With an unnatural smile, Lily said, "I don't care about my work during my private time. How about you two? The shop I chose is not bad, right?"

Before Marina and Estelle responded, the owner said proudly, "I'm not bragging. The quality of my Japanese restaurant must be ranked top throughout the country. Look, the CEO of a famous listed company at the table just now. Since he had dinner in my house by accident a few years ago, he came from the neighboring city from time to time on weekends. "

'Why didn't he mention it when she was with Danny before?

They often hang out on weekends.'

Lily was confused, but she didn't show it. She smiled at the owner.

"Mom, this is the most delicious sushi I've ever eaten. I want a sushi with crab cream."

The owner answered quickly, "no problem, little girl. Wait a minute, I'll give you two, ha ha."

Lily and Marina smiled at each other that the dishes were enough. Lily was satisfied to see that the dishes were all eaten up.

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