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   Chapter 137 Finish This Road

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After George drew up the contract, he discussed it with Betty. Betty didn't take it as a turning point in her life.

She just reckoned it was a different attempt, so she had no objection. After a general look, George explained some matters needing attention to her and they officially signed the contract.

Although George admitted that Betty's conditions were quite perfect. But on this basis, it could be better. After all, not everyone was qualified to be the spokesperson of a large-scale cosmetic salon.

Every day, after Betty finished her original course, she would go to the beauty salon of George for nursing. It was not until then that Betty realized the importance of the improvement, her fair and delicate skin had become more moisturized, bright and "white glow", and the firmness had obviously increased.

But that was not enough. Betty was born with a good figure, she could only run at most, and her figure was relatively thin.

In George's words, it was a little "loose".

So every day in the beauty salon, in addition to facial care, there was also skin care for the whole body, making sure that the whole body's skin was bright and tight. Besides, she had to do exercises in the gym of the beauty salon.

With professional coach guidance, she was exhausted and sweaty every time after the exercise.

But a few days later, Betty found that she had a good sleep, and her spirit was better in the daytime. Moreover, her spirit was different and she became more powerful, she liked her change very much.

She also knew that behind a well-dressed star, it was not easy, but also required a lot of efforts that ordinary people could not imagine.

Keeping the figure was a test of willpower.

When Betty was video chatting with Lily, Lily also sighed, "Betty, you seem to have become more beautiful."

Betty smiled and said, "I was very tired in the first few days, but I really felt better after holding on. No wonder my colleagues insisted on exercising every day."

"Then we can apply for the fitness card together when we go

red in her words, it was full of blessings for her friend and joy for her good change.

When Lily saw Marina's reply, the words were as excited as herself. Lily also wished this silly girl a happy life.

Another day had passed, and she could see Estelle and Marina soon.

Every day, she had to rush forward but she still didn't see Danny.

Lily almost forgot her revenge plan. This time, without other's persuading, she became coward. She thought that her current life was also good enough, if it weren't for Danny, she probably wouldn't have been able to reach this level in her life.

In the past, when her father was in debt and seriously ill, she did not arouse Amanda's determination to fight for her dignity. If it weren't for Danny, she might have lived a hard life. Even if she could get through those dark days by luck, she would probably only be an ordinary employee.

The reincarnation of causality was a natural thing, and it was not so easy to tell who was right and who was wrong.

For the first time, Lily wanted to retreat.

Although she was not so determined, she did not leave. Perhaps life was not complete without experiencing something. No matter whether it would be a good experience or a bad one.

Lily didn't leave. Maybe God wanted to help her finish this road.

No one could tell who was waiting for Lily at the end of the road.

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