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   Chapter 136 Guarantee

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As Lily said, once she had a thought, she could finish the work quickly. Inspiration was the fate of all designers.

After pressing the advertisement button and showing it to the person in charge of Carlorine, the person in charge said that it was okay. Since the branch office in where Lily worked was close to the head company, she asked the person in charge to arrange the shooting candidates and then agreed to go to the shooting site on weekend.

Then the date this weekend would be ruined.

During the view chat with Justin, Lily said, "I'm going to supervise the advertisement of Carlorine this weekend. Don't come forth and back. Have a rest for two days."

"Well, it just so happens that Master said my performance is not good recently, so he keeps an eye on me." Although she said so, Justin, a top student in psychology, didn't hide his emotions at all in front of Lily. His eyes were full of disappointment.

"Good boy, see you in half a month." Lily comforted him.

"Do you still love me after half a month?"

Justin asked jokingly, but Lily was stunned for a while and then smiled, "It depends on your performance."


As they worked in other people's place, they were arranged accommodation there. It was not that they didn't have time to have a little get-together with Justin in the evening, but there were too many people, so Lily didn't want to attract attention. However, Justin couldn't come, but someone could.

Lily called Horace. She knew that Milton couldn't get rid of his work.

"Hey, what are you looking for Dad?"

Lily did not answer to him this time, but she asked pleasantly with a smile, "Alex, are you busy on the weekend?"

Hearing her abnormal behavior, Horace became alert, "I'm so busy. Don't you know that a romantic coffee shop as ours will be very busy on weekend?"

"Isn't there shop assistants in the shop? Or why do you hire them?"

"I have to supervise the work, sister."

"No, Alex. You come to play with me. I will reimburse you, and support your free travel. What do you think?"

Horace doubted, "Why are you so good? It's cold and dry in the north. It's

to her chatter. Milton was not at home all the time and without Lily, but because of her, it was not too quiet at home.

In fact, Horace didn't want this girl to fall in love. In this way, there would be more fun in this family. However, if she could find a boyfriend with the same character as her, it would be a blessing in disguise.

Lily had become a house maid. She hadn't gone shopping for a month since she came to the new city, which was not her style.

However, Lily looked around and found that it had been almost two weeks since she checked in the Check Inn Hotel. But most of the clothes were still lying in the suitcase. It was not that she hadn't worn them, but she put them back after she had worn them.

Justin said that living here was like cheating. Lily felt that living here was always a sense of loneliness, a unique atmosphere of a hotel.

Countless people met and separated here every day, but very few people took this place as their home.

Living here made Lily have no desire to fill the wardrobe at home.

Why don't you spare some time to see the houses near the company?

Although there was room service to clean it every day, the privacy could not be guaranteed at the same time.

However, Lily Jiang still went to the front of the computer and carefully selected a lot of comet favorite and relatively healthy snacks to welcome the arrival of the little angel on the weekend.

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