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   Chapter 134 On The Day Apart

Surreal Super Adoration By Zi Tengluo Characters: 6986

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"What's the matter?" Betty asked.

Lily didn't know where to start. Well, let me think... "

"Think about it."

Lily still felt a little embarrassed. Although Betty knew that she and Milton were only nominal couples, she was still married, she really couldn't say such a thing. "Forget it, or I'll tell you after thinking it over."

Betty asked, "Lily, do you have a lover outside?"

Lily felt speechless.

"How do you know?"

"You are always a straightforward person. I can't think of anything else that can make you so shy, except for falling in love."

Betty was well-known in the business field, so she was not a dull person.

"Okay, you have learnt my reasoning."

Betty was not convinced. "It is my own thought, okay? You only guessed that it was a happy event, but I was right."

"Forget it. It's useless not to talk about it."

"So, who is that man?"


"How can I guess? But if you want me to guess, I'll boldly imagine your ex-boyfriend?"

"It's not that bastard. It's Justin," Said Lily, knowing that she was referring to Danny.

"Well, who is Justin? Ah! ! ! ! Justin? ? ?! ! ! ! ! !" Betty shouted, which scared Lily.

It was rare for Betty, the ice beauty, to lose control of her emotions like this.

Holding the microphone, Lily looked at the bedroom door and found nothing.

"Sister, stop shouting."

Betty forced herself to calm down and asked in a suspicious tone, "Is Justin of Dream Telecom?"

Lily smiled, "What do you become so exciting? Well, it's him..."

"What happened to you? Did you have a crush on each other before you left? "

Lily rolled her eyes in her heart and wondered why Betty had changed so much after she went abroad...

"I've seen him two times before I left, he has cooperation with Ye Group. This time he came with me, and then..."

"Oh my God!" Betty exclaimed, "No wonder you don't allow us to see you off, it turns out that you have a lover with you."

"Screw you. That's not the reason, okay?"

"But how long haven't you been in love, Lily?"

Lily suddenly felt sad, "There ha

with you."

All of a sudden, Lily felt very disappointed, she didn't feel good to be apart.

Although she thought she didn't have a deep feeling for Justin, she was still reluctant to part with him.

Justin rubbed Lily's hair and said, "I'm glad that you don't want to leave me. Don't worry, we'll meet again soon. After breakfast with you, I'm going back. I have a meeting in the afternoon, or my dad will scold me."

Lily laughed, "Why didn't you tell me earlier that you were leaving? It's so hurry early in the morning."

Justin snickered, "I'm afraid that I can't get up in the morning since you would pester me last night."

With a red face, Lily said, "Go away."

The breakfast Justin made was fried noodles with sea eel, these two dishes belonged to different categories.

It looked weird but tasted good.

"Hey, why don't you eat?" Lily found that Justin didn't eat anything.

Justin looked at Lily gently and said, "I really want to cook for you every morning."

"Go away. Don't think that I will allow you to be a housewife, then who can make money to support the family?"

Justin's eyes were burning, "Lily, do you want to have a family with me?"

"You think too much," Murmured Lily.

Her heart was full of complex feelings. Happiness and sadness intertwined.

How could she enjoy every moment without thinking about the day when they were apart?

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