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   Chapter 133 Want To Tell You

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On Sunday, Betty and Aillee went to the beauty salon as promised, George still had a charming and formulaic smile on his face.

This consultation was mainly about Aillee, George carefully examined Aillee's facial condition and asked about her intention.

Aillee told George what she was thinking, "I want to have a nose comprehensive examination. Raise the bridge of nose and make it a little upturned."

George listened to her patiently and said, "Miss Aillee, you are a very natural beauty now. Your nose is delicate, so I don't think it's meaningful to make such a plan. According to your facial condition, it's a good choice to make a nasal-base. As your nose base is high, your nose will naturally be straight, and your face will be much more angular, and it won't be as easy to be abrupt as a simply augmentation rhinoplasty. Besides, the operation on the nasal base is less risky than the comprehensive operation. "

After a pause, George said confidently, "Of course, there is no risk in our salon. But the cost of the operation is relatively low. From all aspects, this operation is advantageous. What do you think? "

Betty didn't know whether she understood it or not, but she believed that Korean people were quite good at it. Aillee just smiled and said, "I believe in your judgment, Dean."

Betty sat next to them and looked at them quietly, she thought that George was not bad. Although he seemed to be a little hypocritical, he didn't show off his appearance to make the female customer excessive consumption, he was really looking for the most suitable plan from the customer's point of view.

Betty suddenly became interested and said to George in a playful tone, "Dean George, do you think I had to make an adjustment?"

George as

w do you know?" Betty was really shocked. Was Lily her mind reader?

"Sister, don't you know what time it is now? Call me at this time, you are either pregnant or there is another big deal."

Betty smiled sheepishly and said, "It's not a big news. It's just a beauty salon, they asked me to be their spokesperson."

"What?" Although Betty's appearance could instantly win the current crowd of popular beauties, Lily still felt that the life of a star was far from her life. "Betty, are you going to make a debut?"

"No, I just went to the beauty salon with my roommate. The Dean has met me two times and asked me if I could be their spokesperson."

"It's great that you are beautiful. The dean is so talented," Sighed Lily, and then she turned to a playful tone. "Is the Dean a fat middle-aged man? Be careful, maybe he wants to take advantage of you."

"What are you thinking about! Dirty thoughts! " Betty spat at her.

"Who is it?" Justin murmured.

It was so late, but Lily still talked happily with the person on the phone.

After taking a look at him, Lily got out of bed and walked to the living room.

"Betty, I also have something to tell you."

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