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   Chapter 78 Show Off Affection

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It was rare for Amanda to have a free weekend, they didn't get up until ten o'clock in the morning in Milton's family. Hearing the click of the mouse in the study, Milton curiously approached to have a look.

"What are you looking at?"

Shocked, Amanda stared at him and said, "You scare me. Why didn't you make any sound when you walked?"

Milton looked at the screen carefully and asked what was that. "Amanda, my mother's birthday is still early. I thought you just said it casually, are you really going to prepare it now? "

Amanda leaned back and stretched herself. "Yes, it's still early, but don't forget that the birthday of the three elderly has been crowded. It's good to prepare in advance. Don't be caught off guard. "

Looking at Amanda, Milton wanted to make fun of her, but he was moved and said, "They don't care about these things."

Tilting her head, Amanda said, "How can it just be a form? This is our care for them. It's not easy for my mother to raise me up. As for uncle and auntie, they really treat me as their own daughter. Although we are a fake couple, Auntie and I are real mother-in-law, and she always treats me so well. Besides, they are so good to Estelle. "

Speaking of this, Amanda looked a little dejected, she lowered her voice and said, "Do you know? I have always been moved, grateful and guilty. "

Putting his hand on Amanda's shoulder, Milton patted her and said, "I've told you..."

Amanda shook her head and said, "You don't have to say anything. I know what you mean."

"Alas, it's all my fault." Milton sighed.

Amanda raised her head and stared at him, "Idiot, what are you talking about? We are mutually beneficial and coexisting. How can we be called a burden to each other?"

"If one day you meet..."

Amanda made a gesture to stop him, "Stop, I won't meet the one."

Milton looked at her with a smile, the sun shone in, making them look harmonious and beautiful.

out his hands and said, "I was just called back by Danny. Now you see me."

"Bro George, I'm afraid you have forgotten about me. You didn't even attend my wedding," Said Sabella unhappily, pouting like a child.

With a smile, George rubbed Sabella's hair affectionately and said, "Didn't I have a medical dispute at that time? It happened that the new shop was opened, so the issues went together. "

"Humph, stop making excuses."

"Well," Said Danny, coughing slightly to show his presence. "You two, let's have a good chat in the hotel, okay?"

Sabella said with a naughty smile, "Let's go. He's angry."

George opened the door and Sabella got in.

The three of them grew up together, and their relationship was unparalleled. Before George went abroad, Sabella seemed to have two brothers.

They couldn't see each other often after George went abroad, but the three of them still had a good relationship. Judging from the different attitude of George towards Amanda and Sabella, people could got that.

"What about your girlfriend?" Danny asked Jake.

With a smile on his face, Jake drove the car and said, "She has arrived there first."

Then he added, "I can't let her wait with me."

The three people in the car, a couple and a single, were all shown off by Jake.

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