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   Chapter 75 God Will Treat Him Well

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Milton's company had begun to take shape and the business had been expanded gradually. Amanda, on the other hand, often worked overtime personally in order to keep customers.

Among the three, Horace was the most unoccupied.

Amanda was working overtime again, and a phone call came in.

It was Milton. She answered the phone. A young girl said, "Mommy, when will you go home for dinner?"

Amanda smiled, "honey, Mommy is working overtime. I'm afraid I can't go back to have dinner with you. Are daddy and uncle at home?"

"They are at home, but I want you to come back for dinner. I haven't had dinner with you for a long time." Her voice was full of grievance.

Amanda also missed Estelle very much. She looked at the document on the table and said, "Estelle, you wait for mommy at home. Mommy will be home soon."

"Okay!" Estelle replied excitedly.

It seemed that she had to get up early tomorrow.

When she got downstairs, she smelled the delicious food from someone's house. She could only order takeout in the studio. The delicious food was usually unhealthy and the healthy food always made people underfed, and the home-made food was the most delicious. Feeling that she was about to drool, Amanda went upstairs quickly.

As soon as she opened the door, a small shadow rushed over. Amanda opened her arms.

"Mommy!" Estelle hung on Amanda and grinned.

"Oh, what are our Estelle wearing?" Amanda looked at her up and down, pretending to dislike her.

Estelle was wearing a black T-shirt with a picture of No-Face man printed on it, and a pair of black pants. Holding Estelle in her arms, Amanda could see a small tail behind her trousers.

There were red horns on her soft hair. Estelle's skin was really white. She looked very cute in her clothes.

Horace walked out of the room and said helplessly,

for a bright future."

"Come on, Milton. Don't forget me when you are successful." Said Horace.

"Hahaha, everyone is the boss of this company. Horace is our factory director forever and Amanda is our golden client. This company will always belong to you."

"Dad, what about me? Am I the boss?" Estelle asked, blinking her eyes.

Everyone laughed. Horace touched the head Estelle and said, "silly girl, the whole company is yours."



"So, am I the chief official?" Estelle asked innocently.

"Yes, you are." Milton tried not to laugh.

"So, do you all listen to me?" Estelle continued to ask.

"Okay, it's up to you." Milton wanted to see what this little girl was trying to do.

"Well, can I not go to the kindergarten tomorrow and have two ice creams?"

"No way!" The three answered in one voice.

"Waah... Waah... You adults are all liars. "

The three of them ignored the girl who had a lot of dramas and chatted.

Milton said, "After the birth of Estelle, I feel that my career is becoming more and more smooth. She really brings me luck. A good fortune befell me."

Amanda smiled, "what? You have always been lucky."

God would always treat a truly kind person well.

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