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   Chapter 73 Idiot

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Did Amanda sell the house? She should not know the existence of this house.

'No, I have to figure it out. '

Danny went to the property management office. The sales lady who sold his house was still working, she recognized Danny and asked, "Mr. Danny?"

"Who are you?"

The lady smiled shyly, "You bought a suite with full payment from me that year, and the memory is still fresh for me."

"Oh..." Then it would be much easier. "I want to check who has the house now."

The sales lady was confused, "What do you mean?"

"Because there are other people living in that house now. I didn't think of that house until today, but there is no transaction at all."

The sales lady sighed in her heart, 'Nowadays rich people can even forget such a good house.'

With a smile on her face, she said, "Mr. Danny, please wait a moment. I'll check it for you."

Someone brought a cup of tea to Danny. After a while, the sales lady came over and said, "Hello, Mr. Danny. You bought the house before, but you did transfer it to someone else not long after you bought them."

Danny's scalp tingled, "But I really haven't done any transaction."

"It was done by Ms. Amanda, the owner of the room you filled in."

"How could it be? I never told her the existence of this house."

"Well, Mr. Danny, if you really want to investigate, you can find out your property through many ways." The sales girl thought that Danny was tricked by his ex-girlfriend.

But it was a good job to be a girlfriend of a rich man, since it didn't take her much effort to get a priceless villa.

"Thank you." Danny was about to leave.

"Mr. Danny, call me if you need anything." The sales girl shouted from behind.

Danny smiled bitterly, it turned out that Amanda was not as stupid as he thought.

The phone tinkled and it was a message from Jake:

"Mr. Dann

ack for dinner?"

Leah smiled, "Yes, Mr. Danny said he would come back for dinner."

"What does he want to eat?"

"Mr. Danny said that some home cooked dishes will be fine."

"No, it's not easy for brother to come back. How can it be casual? Leah, go and buy some seafood and teach me to cook."

"Sabella, you want to cook by yourself?"

"Yes, I want to cook dinner for my brother myself."

Leah looked at Sabella with satisfaction. When Danny was away, Sabella looked like a dissatisfied housewife.

Sure enough, she couldn't live without a man at home.

Sitting at the table, Danny picked up a shrimp and put it into his mouth, frowning slightly.

"How's it? Is it delicious?" Asked Sabella nervously.

After a pause, Danny said, "Yes, it's delicious."

Sabella also had a try, "Brother, it's not delicious. It's salty."

"As long as it's cooked by Sabella, it's delicious."

Sabella was overjoyed when she heard that.

Her former brother was back!

She must insist on going to the beauty salon. Sabella thought to herself.

Looking at the satisfied expression on Sabella's face, Danny sighed in his heart, 'I am the one who is blind and doesn't know how to cherish the good person in front of me.'.

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