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   Chapter 71 Off The Bed

Surreal Super Adoration By Chang Du Characters: 7708

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Sabella was waiting at the door, and a pink Mercedes stopped in front of her.

"Get in the car." Mandy smiled at her in the car.

For a moment, Sabella was lost in thought, Mandy was a gentle and beautiful woman, her skin was fair and tender, and her features were good. She had a long black and straight hair, the stewardess must have a good figure.

In short, she was a real goddess.

She was nothing compared to her. However, her husband was the top boss of her boyfriend, so she was superior to her in status, and there was no need to feel inferior.

Mandy looked at her with a smile, wondering what she was hesitating about?

Sabella came to her senses and got into the car.

"Long time no see, Mandy."

"Long time no see, Mrs. Sabella. What have you been doing recently?"

"What can I do? I have nothing to do at home. You are the one who is busy. Don't call me Mrs. Sabella. Just call me Sabella. "

"Okay, Sabella," Mandy smiled at her and asked, "Where are we going?"

How beautiful she was! But Sabella didn't speak it out, it seemed that praising her meant giving up. "Let's go shopping first."

Mandy was wearing a white shirt and light jeans, simple but quite beautiful, fresh, fashionable and beautiful.

She herself was still wearing a floral dress that she didn't know when she bought it, it was so old-school.

She couldn't stand standing next to Mandy in this dress, so she decided to buy new clothes first.

She bought a white slip dress and a pair of Rome style stilettos, and tried on makeup in the cosmetic shop. Sabella looked at herself in the mirror and said, "Not bad.".

Sure enough, there was no ugly woman but a lazy woman. If she dressed up well, she would also look pretty.

After shopping for the whole afternoon, both Sabella's and Mandy's were full of stuffs. Mandy was born in a rich family, with her boyfriend's love, she could buy whatever she wanted.

"What would you like for dinner?" Mandy held Sabella's hand warmly.

Women's friendship was based on shopping and gossip. In the afternoon, Mandy and Sabella became more familiar with each other.

"How about I buy you steak?" Sabella was also in a good mood.

"Ah... I've been on a diet recently. If you want to eat, just go. I'll order salad. " Mandy said with a

led sweetly and said, "Nodding, you look more beautiful."

While humming a tune, Sabella walked inside, Leah stood behind her and said, "Mr. Danny is back."

After a pause, Sabella was overjoyed.

She came back at the right time.

"Where is he?"

"Mr. Danny is in the study."

He was in the study again.

Danny, you'd better surrender tonight.

Sabella went upstairs quietly and changed into the new underwear she bought today. After carefully freshening up and spraying a little light fragrance, she put on a bathrobe and walked to the study.

Knock, knock, knock.

"Come in." Danny didn't even raise his head.

"Brother." Shouted Sabella.

Danny raised his head and was in a trance for a moment.

"Brother, go to bed early tonight."

"I will go to bed after reading this document."

"Brother." Sabella loosened the belt and the bathrobe slipped down.

It was a familiar scene.

In a flash, the two faces that were originally similar overlapped.

Seeing the confusion and meaning in Danny's eyes, Sabella walked towards him.

"Ah!" Danny lifted Sabella up, and she screamed.

The room was filled with love.

Deep in their heart, Sabella murmured, "Brother, I love you."

But the man on her body froze and made a hasty end.

But Sabella was satisfied. Danny stood up and put on his shirt.

"Brother, where are you going?"

"I have something to deal with in the company. I have to go back."

"Brother!" Watching Danny's receding figure, Sabella threw the pillow off the bed.

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