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   Chapter 70 Fairness

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In Ye family's house.

As Danny seldom went home, he took Mrs. Yolanda back to Ye's house out of fear of his wife's loneliness, and Celia also moved in. The house was large and it was not lively although another two people moved in the house.

Danny was not at home all year round. It was said that women were always good at chatting with each other, but the four women seldom talked. They were all women who were more or less unsatisfied with their lives, which made Sabella feel bored at home.

If her grandma lived with her, it was good to accompany her. But the consciousness of this silly elderly was disturbed. They couldn't talk much and had no same topics.

"It's so boring." Sabella complained as she watched TV on the sofa and changed several channels but couldn't find the favorite program.

Celia helped Yolanda go downstairs and Yolanda sat next to Sabella.

Sabella called her casually, "grandma."

The three women watched TV silently after Yolanda replied.

The atmosphere was so weird.

Yolanda suddenly opened her mouth, which startled Sabella. "Sabella, you have been married for a few years. Why are you not pregnant at all? It's time for you to have a baby."

It was like a thorn in her heart. Since Sabella and Danny got married, he seldom had sex with her and had been careful not to impregnate her.

Pregnant? She couldn't be pregnant.

She also wanted to have a baby, at least to find some meaning of existence. But after all, she was a woman. It was not a big deal to force Danny to marry her. Was she going to force him to have a baby with her?

"Grandma, we are still young. We want to be free for a few more years. After giving birth to the baby, we are bound. Let's talk about it a few years later."

Mrs. Yolanda said with an incredible expression, "what are you going to do? You young people are so sentimental now. It won't take you much time if the baby is born and taken care of by the nanny. Besides, you stay at home all day long. It won't take you much time."

interrupted her peace in the afternoon.

Mandy frowned and took the phone.

'Sabella?' Why did Sabella call her?

But she still picked it up. Her working experience at the airport made her smile at any time and talk to him or her in a light and gentle tone.

It was no problem even for those who disturbed her dreams.

"Hello? Mrs. Sabella, why are you calling me? " Besides, she was the wife of her boyfriend's boss, so she must please her.

"Umm," said Sabella. She suddenly felt that it had been a long time since she got to know someone. She couldn't even speak. "Do you have time today? Let's go shopping and do some beauty treatment together?"

"Today? Well, there is nothing important in the shop. Where can we meet? "

Seeing that Mandy agreed happily, Sabella felt relieved. She was afraid that Mandy would refuse it.

"Can you drive? I'll wait for you at home."

"Okay, I'll be there in about half an hour. Get ready."

Mandy and Jake had gone to Ye's house for dinner several times. The house was decorated luxurious, but it was really quiet inside. Mandy didn't envy it at all. She was satisfied that she had Jake.

Unlike the cold Danny, who was always icy, Jake was relatively enthusiastic.

It was a pity that Sabella stayed alone every day. So, God is fair.

Mandy said to the shop assistant and left.

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