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   Chapter 67 Crying

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Mrs. Amanda was finally about to give birth. While Milton and Horace were busy with their work, they had to be responsible for all the meals of Amanda and they never cooked the same meal for her.

Since Amanda was pregnant, she hadn't suffered any difficulties. Except for a little pregnancy reaction at the beginning, she had been eating, drinking, sleeping well in the past few months, and she was getting fatter.

One day, the three of them had dinner together. When Milton finished reading today's newspaper, he suddenly sighed, "Wow, what a young and promising man!"

Horace stretched his head curiously and asked, "What are you looking at?"

"Well, the subsidiary of Ye Group is also listed."

"The man in the photo is Mr. Danny, the CEO of Ye Group?" Horace asked, "he is very handsome..."

"Yes, that's why I said life is unfair. Some people are born to be winners."

"But you have me." Horace smiled charmingly.

"Gee..."Milton said as if felt disgusted. Then something suddenly occurred to him. "Amanda, didn't you work in Ye Group before? I asked you for gossip last time. "

Amanda was stiff all over. Should she tell Milton that the child he was going to raise was the child of the man that everyone admired?

With sharp eyes, Horace asked, "Amanda, why do you look pale? Is there anything wrong with your belly?"

"I don't like the dishes tonight. I want to eat tomato slices with sugar," said Amanda slightly.

"Okay, my queen." Horace quickly went to the kitchen.

"Are you really okay?" Milton asked with concern.

Amanda forced a comforting smile and said, "it's okay."

Milton felt a little strange. "Why do you feel uncomfortable every time I mention Danny?"

"No..." Amanda lowered her head and took a bite of bun.

"Really? Oh, I see! Amanda, are you... "

Amanda became nervous.

"Do you have a crush on him?"

"Puff..." If there was water in Amanda's mouth, she would have sprayed it all over his

Nick asked suddenly.

Amanda and Milton looked at each other. They had never thought about it.

Horace was watching TV, and the news was broadcasting today's unexpected meteor.

"Why don't you call her Astra?" Said Horace.

"Astra Astra Ge? " Amanda and Milton exchanged a look of disgust.

Obviously, they were not satisfied with this name.

"Estelle? How about Estelle?" Nick suggested, "What do you think, Georgina?"

"I am illiterate. It's up to you."

"Then let's call her Estelle." Nick was satisfied with his idea.

"Why don't you ask for my opinion?" Cora complained.

"Humph, what do you know?" Nick was getting bolder and bolder recently.

"Hey, what?"

Seeing that the situation was not right, Milton quickly changed the topic. "Estelle are good. Just call her Estelle. Amanda, do you agree with it? "

'Estelle Ge...' Anyway, she felt that it was difficult to give the surname Ge a name 'Estelle is ok.'

In the crib, Estelle maybe thought to herself, 'my dad, although I'm not your biological baby, I don't think it's appropriate for you to be so casual to give me such a name. Mom, can you be a little assertive? The name of Estelle is really a little silly. '

Her cry showed her dissatisfaction.

However, the adults would only think that she were hungry.

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