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   Chapter 66 New Life

Surreal Super Adoration By Zi Tengluo Characters: 7347

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"Monitor, how about I invest in your company?" One day after meal, Amanda was eating melon seeds, watching Milton and Horace cleaning up the table.

"What? Why? " Milton asked.

"The money in my hand is dead, and in your hand, there will be alive."

"You're married. Why do you still call him monitor?" Horace cut in.

With a meaningful look on her face, Amanda said, "Otherwise? What should I call him? Honey? "

"Shut up! Shut up!" Horace was about to gag Amanda's mouth.

"Well, director, don't avoid washing the dishes in this way." Milton said seriously.

After Amanda and Milton got married, Georgina returned to Beijing and lived with Milton's parents. It turned out that the house where Amanda's family lived was now lived by the three people, Amanda, Milton and Horace.

Of course, Amanda still lived in her original bedroom, while the two men in another one.

In late night, Amanda felt a little lonely when she thought of the romance between them next door.

Amanda's belly began to show signs day by day, she hadn't really become familiar with the people in the office, she didn't want them to find out that she had married their boss, so she didn't go to work anymore. However, it was hard for her to stay at home every day.

Amanda and Milton were not a real couple, so she couldn't always live on his support for food and clothing. Although the money in her card seemed to be huge, if she wanted to support Georgina, her baby and herself, the money might not be enough.

Therefore, investing in Milton was a relatively stable plan, and Amanda believed in his ability. Besides, he wouldn't do anything bad to her.

"In fact, I've been thinking about running a cafe again." Horace thought.

Amanda replied briskly, "Okay! How much does it cost? "

Horace looked at Amanda with admiration, "Amanda, you know what? You look like a local tycoon now."

"Are you praising me?"

"Yes." Horace said sincerely.

Amanda also felt that she was really rich, she could invest whatever she wanted and open a cafe.

But this time, he wanted to choose another place.

"It's so boring to see a group of boring men every day." Said Horace.

In Amanda

don't think he will mind. Mr. Layne, you can help him serve the incense when you are free."


"He passed away." Amanda said coldly.

Even if the coat covered her belly, it was obvious that she was pregnant. At the beginning, Layne felt that Amanda seemed to have gained some weight, and he also found that her hands were on her belly intentionally or unintentionally.

Her finger was wearing a small diamond wing, and her lower abdomen was bulging.

"Amanda, are you pregnant? Are you married? " Layne felt dizzy, he couldn't imagine what had happened these days.

"Yes, Mr. Layne," Amanda stared at him and said with hatred and cruelty, "I'm really sorry if I accidentally betrayed Mr. Layne before, but I treated you sincerely at that time and didn't mean to dally with you. But let go off the past. Maybe not seeing each other is the best explanation to you and me, so that you can find a new life faster. "

"Amanda..." Layne's heart ached, he didn't understand why the two of them had to be so alienated.

However, with a stubborn look on Amanda's face, Layne had no choice but to compromise. "Amanda, I don't know that I have brought you so much trouble. I'm sorry. Then, wish you happiness. "

Looking at Layne's receding figure, Amanda felt bad.

If possible, she would make everyone happy, but if she wanted to start a new life, she had to say goodbye to the past.

After all, Amanda was no longer the one in the past.

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