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   Chapter 65 It Suits Me

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"But Amanda is still in the period of filial piety. Isn't it a little bad for her to get married?" Georgina was considerate, she slapped Milton on the head. "You little bastard, why are you so impatient?"

Milton giggled and said, "Mom, I just did what you wanted me to do."

"Why about you getting the marriage license first and hold the wedding after the period? In this way, we can give Amanda's family an explanation. " At the critical moment, the man was still calm and came up with a reasonable way.

"That's all we can do. Amanda, what do you think?" Cora looked at Amanda apologetically.

Amanda felt a little guilty again, "Aunt, I have no objection."

"I'm sorry, Amanda."

Even if they didn't love each other, what else could she choose with such considerate parents in law?

The two of them refused Nick and Cora's asking them to stay, they rushed back to Tianjin that night.

Everything was settled, and the last person to be informed was Georgina.

Georgina had been depressed since Bill passed away, Amanda didn't know how her mother would react to the news that she was going to get married. Amanda was a little nervous.

When they got home, the light was turned off and the door of Georgina's bedroom was closed. Amanda walked over and asked softly, "Mom, are you asleep?"

The door was opened all of a sudden. Amanda was startled.

"Amanda, what's up?"

"Mom..." It seemed that Georgina was ten years older overnight, or perhaps Amanda had never observed her carefully before.

In her memory, the young woman was just about 30 years old, but now she was wrinkled and had grey hair.

"Amanda, how about sleeping with me tonight."


The two of them hadn't slept together for a long time. At that time, Bill always didn't come home at night, Georgina and Amanda were timid people. In countless dark nights, the two of them lived together, no matter it was calm or rainy.

"Mom, will you be happy if I get married?" Amanda re

lace. Why don't you let her go back to Beijing with us? "

Looking at Milton, Amanda thought it was a good idea.

Milton nodded and said, "After all, Beijing is where auntie lives for a long time, her old friends are also here. We can often come back to see her, so that the elders of the two families can take care of each other. "

"Okay, I'll talk to my mother when I go back."

In the eyes of Nick and Cora, they were happy to see the two of them being a couple and discuss things together.

On the way back to Tianjin, Amanda had went on this road several times. She felt something was wrong and asked, "Milton, did you drive the wrong way?"

Milton smiled, "No. just sit down."

The car stopped in front of a shopping mall, Amanda asked, "What do you want to buy?"

Milton smiled mysteriously, "Yes, buy some wedding supplies."

"You don't need to buy the diamond rings?" Amanda stood in front of the jewelry counter and refused.

Milton asked the teller to take out a few styles for Amanda to try them on, and said seriously, "You should also do well in the fake marriage details."

Amanda didn't refuse anymore, she picked up a diamond ring, the tiny diamond shining.

"How about the one carat one?" Said Milton.

"No," Said Amanda, looking at the ring. "This one is very suitable for me."

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