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   Chapter 63 The Tragedy

Surreal Super Adoration By Zi Tengluo Characters: 6240

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Amanda and Milton decided to get married in less than one day.

The third one who knew it was Horace.

In the evening, the three of them had a small get-together in Milton's single apartment. Milton quietly poured a glass of juice for Amanda, when he and Horace were drinking, Amanda suddenly remembered that she was a pregnant woman. During this period of time, she stayed up late, drank, and even stayed in the metal processing workshop, at this moment, she couldn't help but feel a little worried.

Baby, you must healthily come to our life.

Amanda felt that her maternal love began to sprout.

After drinking three glasses of wine, Milton's face turned red and seemed to be in a good mood. Horace thought that Amanda had just passed away and the two of them were in a bad mood, so he just accompanied them.

Milton poured another glass and raised it in front of Horace, "Director, today, Amanda and I will give you a surprise."

Horace thought he had drunk too much and said something wrong. Amanda's father had just passed away, so even if there was a surprise, he couldn't say it on other people's pain.

What's more, Amanda and he wanted to give him a surprise? How could Amanda be in such a mood?

Horace looked at Milton nervously.

Milton drank up the wine in his hand and said, "Amanda and I are going to get married."

"What? !" Horace stood up at once and stared at Milton with his eyes wide open.

Milton was also shocked, he didn't expect that Horace would react like this, he then explained, "No, last time you said that if Amanda is really pregnant, if she wants to keep the baby but can't find a man to marry, then I can marry Amanda. After that, we can be together in peace."

Horace's jaw almost dropped. He couldn't believe that he just said it casually, but it was taken seriously. Milton just took it seriously.

"Horace..." A false smile appeared on Milton's face.

Horace snorted and said, "Well, then I agree. You two can get married."

"But... Milton, I'm still a little jealous. "

"Idiot." Milton said dotingly.

Amanda felt that her goose bumps had dropped two feet thick. "Hey, you two..."

When you are belittling my charm and show off your love, can you pick the time when I'm not present?

"By the way, Amanda who is the baby's father?" Horace went further and further on the road of gossiping as a girl.


"A good ex should be dead. I know." Horace gave her a knowing look and said, "Then how is he doing now?"

How is he doing now? Amanda was stunned, in fact, she had never thought about how Danny was doing now.

Without her, was he still okay? She only knew that without him, she couldn't live a good life.

"He... He must have a good time with his wife. " Amanda said lightly.

After all, he loved Sabella very much, Amanda was just a substitute, and Sabella was the real one he loved. Maybe, Sabella was also pregnant now.

Amanda suddenly felt that she was like the heroine of a tragedy drama.

"He's married?" Horace was also shocked, but seeing that Amanda was in a low mood, he stopped asking.

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