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   Chapter 62 Someone You Want To Marry

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Amanda was destined to be sleepless this night. Amanda could understand it, but she could not accept the reality immediately. Too many inconceivable things had happened during this period of time.

From her father's death, her pregnancy to the house that suddenly appeared, and......

Milton's proposal.

Besides, she had known the monitor who was straight in her impression for many years was absolutely a homosexual. ......

'Oh, my God! I don't know what will happen in the world before the truth is revealed.'

So, was she going to marry Milton?

In fact, Amanda even didn't know whether to abort the baby. But before that, she had decided to spend the rest of her life with her parents.

Although Bill had died now, his wish before he left was to see Amanda find a good husband. It was because of the baby in her belly and a wonderful connection between the two of them when Bill was dying that he could left at ease.

This child was so innocent.

Moreover, she took the money from Danny and killed his child. It was too inhuman.

It was...... Her own child.

Just as the saying goes: "You had not been eaten the pork, but had seen the pig run." Although Amanda had never experienced the hardships of raising a child as a single mother, she had read it countless times on TV, novels and newspapers.

Her life was miserable enough, and she couldn't hurt her child together.

Thinking of this, it would be nice to marry Milton. "A good deal!"

It was a win-win situation. On one hand, he could give orders to his family, and on the other hand, she wouldn't disturb the relationship between Milton and Horace. And in this way, the baby in her belly could have a complete family.

Milton's parents were the most innocent. His mother, in particular, eagerly hoped that Milton would get married and she could have her own grandchild as soon as possible.

But if she married Milton, his mother might not know that the child she loved so much was the child of another man, and the child had nothing to do with her.

Money is easy to pay, but love is hard to pay.

As a person neither relative nor friend, his mot

love for a long time. What's more, why do you say that as if I have to marry you shamelessly'

"Milton, think about it. Your mother will dote on other people's grandson in the future. In fact, that child has nothing to do with her. Don't you feel guilty?"

Milton said, "If I don't do that, she won't even have a fake grandson."

Milton continued, "Even if I marry another woman, I won't have a baby with her. I'm willing to lie to my mother and coax her for the rest of my life. As long as she is happy, who cares whether it is true or not? "

"Well, let's get married." Somehow, Amanda said that.

After saying that, Amanda was stunned. In fact, she was not ready yet, but that was what she said.

Milton's eyes lit up with joy. "Really?"


Milton was so moved that he was about to cry. "Amanda, don't worry. I will never forget your great kindness. I will definitely treat your child as my own child. After I die, all my property will belong to him. "

"Stop! Stop! What are you talking about?" After Bill's death, Amanda especially couldn't bear to hear anything about life and death.

"Okay, I won't say it again." Milton became serious.

"Amanda, even if one day you meet the man you really want to marry, I will let you go. At that time, it means that everything is God's will. God will let my mother know the truth. "

Amanda thought sadly, "I will never meet someone I want to marry in my life."

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