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   Chapter 61 Waving

Surreal Super Adoration By Zi Tengluo Characters: 6471

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Milton's face flushed with suspicion. He stammered out all the way home and finally told all the things clearly.

"So, you go back and think about what I said tonight." Milton said to Amanda, who was confused.

Amanda said goodbye to Milton and went upstairs. Georgina was asleep. Amanda returned to her room and lay down in her clothes.

She had never thought of it.

In fact, Amanda knew that there was love in the world that was beyond gender, and she didn't reject it. But she didn't expect that it would happen on her and it is someone who had loved her.

Amanda always thought she was an ordinary person, but what happened around her was so unusual.

Milton said:

"Amanda, you are the only girl I have loved since I was a child. I don't know why I like you. I just vaguely felt that I liked to get along with you, but then I forgot that feeling. "

"I don't even care about a beautiful and charming woman like goddess. So, I have always been different from others."

"When I really feel that something is wrong, it is after I meet Horace."

"He is an orphan, but he is more optimistic than me. Don't think that I'm usually careless. I like to go to extremes."

"He is a very sentimental person. He runs a cafe in the industrial area. Tianjin is such a place with a living atmosphere and an industrial area. He runs a cafe unexpectedly. It's awful that he didn't get loss."

That's why I have the chance to know him. At that time, I couldn't drink. I accidentally found his coffee shop and there was only one guest in it. I'm a little curious about how he managed to run this shop. Guess what? He had delivery business. I didn't expect the man in the industrial area to be so interested to run a cafe in such a way. "

"After a while, we became friends. He was...... After all, he was a gentle and powerful man. You will listen to him unconsciously. He is a smart and thoughtful person. I really appreci

I heard from your mother that you were pregnant that day. In fact, I didn't take it seriously at the beginning. I said it to Horace just for a joke. He said if you were really pregnant, he would let me marry you, or he would marry you and raise your child. "

"So do you want to marry me in form?" Amanda had read a post about the wife of a homosexual. It was abominable for a man to deceive his wife, but the current situation was more like a cooperation between them.

"Oh, right I think even if you are really pregnant, it won't be difficult for you to abort it and start a new life with someone you love. "

"But just now, I said that out of impulse."

"I understand it..." Amanda suddenly felt a little dejected. Even a conservative man like Milton was willing to fight for his shocking love, but Danny abandoned her without hesitation.

Alas, the gap between men.

"Amanda, don't think too much. If you don't agree with it, just forget it."

"Well, I'll think about it when I go back."

"Well, I feel much more comfortable after I spoke it out. I also felt uncomfortable when I held it in my heart before."

Amanda got out of the car and she turned around to take a look at him before closing the door, and said, "monitor, come on!"

Milton smiled and waved at her.

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