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   Chapter 58 Drawing A Clear Line

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Horace told Milton the news that Amanda's father fell ill, and he immediately drove back to Tianjin.

Seeing Milton coming back, Amanda felt very sorry. "Monitor, you don't have to come back in a hurry."

Milton waved his hand and said, "You don't have to say this. Uncle had been like this now, it's good to have one more person to take care of him. Besides, New Year is over, I don't have anything to do in Beijing."

Amanda was in a bad mood and had nothing to say.

Her mind was in a mess. Her savings were almost gone, and her father's treatment couldn't be delayed for one day, however, a strange house messed up everything.

And the baby suddenly arrived in her belly.

Her head ached.

Amanda sighed and wanted to go out for a breath.

Milton followed her out and said, "Amanda, are you in trouble? Tell me, if I can help you, I will certainly help you. If I can't, I will try my best."

Amanda thought it was a good time to light a cigarette.

She inexplicably remembered the way Jake smoked in the past.

Bad luck! Bad luck!

Amanda couldn't help but sigh again, "Monitor, help me investigate something."

"What's the matter?"

When he heard that Amanda had a suite, a villa and the real estate was in Beijing, he was also shocked. He knew clearly about her family. Even if Bill behaved himself, he was not sick, but with his income, it was impossible for him to afford a villa in Beijing.

Could it be that some rich relative of Amanda left it to her? But if so, there was no reason for Amanda's family not to know. Anyway, he had to investigate it first.

It was a private matter, so Milton asked several of his friends who worked in the police station to investigate it.

The house was indeed under the name of Amanda.

It was a good location in Beijing, a villa with full payment.

Full payment?

Besides, the house was just built recently. Even if the man bought it at the opening, it had been almost two y

no chance to live in love in the future.

No, she didn't plan to start a new relationship.

But the feelings of the child and parents were the most important.

'No matter what, do I want this baby?' Amanda asked herself.

She used to love Danny so much, but when he left her and married Sabella, her heart was filled with complaints, grievances and hatred. Could she give birth to a child with such a mood? Could she really take good care of the child?

As Bill had taken the wrong path, Amanda knew clearly that the harmony of a family had an important impact on a child's mental health.

The conclusion was that her feelings for this child were too complicated, and her love for this child was not dominant.

Besides, she couldn't make the child happy.

Therefore, she couldn't keep the baby.

Even if the child stayed, it would be a hidden trouble for Danny.

Didn't he give her money just to buy off the past and draw a clear line with her?

'Then I'll do as you wish, Danny.

Our relationship has been as simple as ever from the beginning to the end.

I want money, and you pay for me. This is the rule for us to get along with each other.

But at least, Danny, you owe Sabella, not owe me, but you also owe a life without seeing the sunshine. Of course, I also owe it.'

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