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   Chapter 57 The Villa

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Amanda was stunned for a long time before she said, "Doctor, you must be mistaken. How could I be pregnant?"

"How did you get pregnant? Don't you know it yourself?" That woman doctor's daughter was as old as Amanda, so she couldn't help but felt a little bit angry.

"I... Didn't I have my period? How could I be pregnant? "

"That's not your period! It's a hemorrhage during pregnancy. If you are more careless, you will lose your baby. But you're not married, it seems that you don't have a boyfriend. Maybe it's better for you to take advantage of your feelings when you lose this child. " The doctor felt sorry for Amanda but also pitied this unborn baby.

Amanda still couldn't believe it. How could she be pregnant? She didn't realize it at all.

"Is your period normal recently?"

"It's not normal..." Because there were a lot of annoying things in moving out and the psychological suffering of parting with Danny, Amanda's lifestyle was abnormal, and it was easy for her to have irregular menstruation, but she didn't take it seriously.

"Have you gained any weight?"

"I didn't notice..." But Georgina once said that her face seemed to be a little round.

"Did you vomit during pregnancy?"

"Uh..." A few days ago, when she had mutton soup in the hospital canteen, she couldn't stand the unpleasant odor of mutton. But she didn't have any reaction to other food.

"When did you have sex last time?"

"Maybe Two months ago... " It was when she went to Russia with Danny.

The doctor rolled her eyes and said, "That's right. Your baby is nine weeks old."

Amanda was completely stunned, she had never dreamed that she would be pregnant.


dvantage of this opportunity, but after all, they are just ordinary citizen. But you have a house of tens of millions of dollars under your name, and you are still applying for a grant. Isn't that not okay?"

"Which house? Did you make a mistake? " She was so poor that she had to cut off food, how could she get a house worth more than ten million?

If she had a house of more than ten million, she would not apply for a grant.

"Miss Amanda, don't play dumb. The hospital's procedures are very rigorous and there will be no mistake. That's it. I have to hang up. "

Amanda felt like weeping but had no tears.

How could it be? Amanda suspected that someone in the hospital office had deliberately deducted her money, so she rushed to the hospital office angrily.

When the people in the hospital's office saw Amanda rushing over angrily, they had no choice but to give her a copy. "Miss Amanda, don't you really know that you have a huge amount of property under your name?"

If the hospital's officer was telling the truth, then this visit material was true.

So when did she have a villa in Beijing?

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