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   Chapter 55 Grey

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After dinner, someone pushed the door open and came in. It was Milton and Horace.

There were few restaurants nearby.

Amanda was surprised, "Why do you wake up so early?"

Milton looked at Layne and said nothing. Horace said first, "It's time to check out. The receptionist knocked on the door and woke us up."

"Okay, I'll go back and wait for you."

"Don't you want to introduce?" Horace looked at Layne with a snicker.

"Go to hell," Amanda rolled her eyes at him. "Milton knows him. You can ask him. I'll wait for you."

Amanda left first, Layne nodded politely to them and followed them.

"I'm here. How can you go back? " Amanda stopped at the door of the hotel.

Layne's face darkened, "Did you live here last night?"

Knowing that he was thinking too much, Amanda explained, "They drank too much yesterday and couldn't drive. We could only stay nearby for a night and they two had a room together."

Layne's face softened, he thought he was too narrow-minded.

"Well, I'll go upstairs first. Let's go shopping in Tianjin when we have time." Amanda said, pretending to be relaxed.

"Amanda." Layne stopped her.

"What's up?"

"Will you go back to Beijing during the Spring Festival?"

Amanda was stunned, she was born and raised in Beijing, she had always celebrated the Spring Festival in Beijing before.

But now...

There was no home, no relatives, why should she go back?

"Maybe I won't go back." Amanda's face was a little gloomy, and she thought of that person again.

When she thought of Beijing, it was cloudy and hazy, even more gloomy than the industrial area of Tianjin.

"Then, happy new year to you in advance."

"I wish you happiness too." Amanda smiled brightly.

She had thought that she wouldn't be happy again if she left that person, but she had to go on her life, after all. There was more than love in a person's life.

It was happy to see her parents quarreling, to have food to eat at home, to help others, to drink with everyone. There were many kinds of ha

t the end of the red carpet.

She knew the man and the woman.

Danny and Sabella.

Although she knew it would happen sooner or later, she still couldn't believe that they were really married.

Amanda closed her eyes in pain, with a surge in her chest.

She felt terrible.

Horace was surprised to see that Amanda squeezed to his side and began to make dumplings.

"I can do it. You can go to watch TV."

"What? You want to usurp the throne? I'm the daughter of this family."

Horace smiled, "Have you washed your hands?"

Amanda snorted, "Of course I do. I still want to eat."

"The dough is so sticky." Amanda muttered.

"How could it be..." Horace looked over and wanted to see what was going on, only to find that drops of tears fell on the dumpling wrappers in Amanda's hands.

Tears? Horace was surprised, he thought for a while and didn't say anything, he continued to make dumplings as if nothing had happened. He turned to Bill and Georgina and smiled at them, so that they couldn't see their daughter crying.

'Although I don't know why you are crying, maybe turning a blind eye to it is the best comfort for you at the moment.'

Amanda also noticed his small movements, and her tears were more uncontrollable and unbridled.

Amanda's love really died today.

Since then, Beijing had been a grey city in her heart.

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