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   Chapter 50 Reaction

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When they arrived in Tianjin, although Milton was the boss of a company, he still lived in a single apartment. Amanda and her family could only find a hotel to stay first.

The house in Tianjin was not very cheap. Although Amanda still had tens of thousands of dollars, she had to save money.

Milton first took the three of Amanda's family around Tianjin. Amanda proposed to see the house.

Milton said, "There are employee dormitories and employee family buildings in the company, and there are a few that haven't been sold out. You can live there first. As for the rent, you can just give me a few hundred dollars. Anyway, the house is empty."

It not only solved the pressing problem of the Amanda's family, but also protected the self-esteem of Amanda who was unwilling to receive favors from others.

Milton used to be a monitor who won the hearts of the classmates because he had his own way of doing things. In just a few years, he not only set up his own company, but also set up the family building of the company. It also showed that his leadership was outstanding.

Bill and Amanda's mother liked this young man more.

Milton's company mainly engaged in the processing of metal accessories and import and export trade. Considering that everyone majored in sales when they were in college, he wanted Amanda to work in the sales department.

But Amanda knew clearly that she could not do it well, so she still chose to go to the design department. Milton's company had been in an extremely tense atmosphere recently because they had to design several accessories and hand them over to customers for review before the New Year holiday, leaving spare time for sample production and delivery.

Even if there was a new comer, no one had time to greet her. Moreover, Amanda insisted on not letting Milton take her in, so no one paid much attention to her.

Unlike Ye Group, there were only a few men and women in


That figure......

It was not until then that Amanda remembered that a familiar person had also come to Tianjin.

"What are you looking at?" Milton stared blankly at Amanda from a distance. When the show was about to begin, he came to call her.

Amanda was startled. When she saw it was Milton, she said, "nothing. I just saw a person who resembled someone of my colleges I was familiar with."

Taking a look at the door, he said, "It's normal. Beijing is close to Tianjin. Maybe he is in Tianjin for relaxation."

That man came to Tianjin. Maybe he just wanted to relax himself, but......

Without saying anything, Amanda followed Milton back and sat down.

The audience clapped their hands cheerfully, but Amanda was absent-minded.

How should she face him if she saw him?

'Do you still hate me now? Just like me, do you think that what you can't get is out of sight and out of mind? But I seem to be so selfish that I haven't considered you at all. I disturb your life just for my own peace.

But Tianjin is not a small place. We won't meet each other so easily, will we?


It was the first time that Amanda couldn't fall asleep since she came to Tianjin. It was really fate.

She didn't know how the two would react when she met Layne again.

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