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   Chapter 46 Come Back

Surreal Super Adoration By Zi Tengluo Characters: 6784

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During the one week in Russian, Danny and Amanda spent almost half of their time in bed.

Seven happy days passed quickly.

At the capital airport.

"See you, Mr. Danny." Amanda bowed her head to Danny and smiled brightly.

When Amanda turned around and was about to leave, Danny stopped her. "Amanda, where are you going? !"

Amanda turned around and smiled brightly, "Mr. Danny, I have also lived well without you in the past twenty-one years."

The figure went away, and Danny didn't ask her to stay any longer.

Yes, the silly rabbit had grown up safe and sound without him in the past more than 20 years.

'I hope you can be happy and find your Mr. Right as soon as possible.

Amanda, you are such an unforgotten girl.'

Danny suppressed the strong urge to get Amanda back. He even thought that maybe Amanda could be his mistress. If his future wife was not Sabella, and if Amanda was just an ordinary woman, he had the qualifications to do so.

However, Danny owed them all his life, so he could only pay one back for one life.

So what about Amanda? Even if Danny married another woman, she could be the one without a name. As long as she could accompany him and look at him, that would be enough. However, her self-esteem did not allow her, her parents raised her up not to humiliate her to be a mistress.

Amanda hated the role of a mistress the most, but at this time, she really hoped to break free from the shackles of her conscience and return to Danny.

Amanda still didn't know what had happened in Ye Family, she only knew that Sabella was the woman that Danny loved deeply. She was just a substitute for her. And the reason why Danny fell in love with her was that she looked exactly like Sabella.

So she was not willing to be another woman's substitute and did not care about the love that belonged to others.

'Danny, I almost forget you.'.

After leaving the airport, Amanda wiped the tears on her face, ignoring the surprised eyes of the passers-by, and wandered in


In the future, it would be difficult for her to love another man so deeply.

It was not that Amanda thought highly of herself. However, she had been through a lot of difficulties, and Danny was still in her heart. How could she take a fancy to others?

Because she didn't want her parents to worry about her, Amanda still had to go out on time on working days.

Her parents thought she was going to work, but in fact, she was wandering on the street, watching all kinds of recruitment advertisements and going to interviews.

She printed a stack of resumes and threw them all out, but got no reason.

Amanda felt that she was really a worthless person, when she was recruited into the Ye Group, she might have used up all her luck in her life.

Then she met Danny, she really didn't know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing

No. Amanda patted her forehead and thought, 'I can't miss Danny any more. Just take it as a dream. I have to adapt to the real life as soon as possible.'

But the reality was cruel, Who said that there was a good thing after bad luck? Who said there must be a road to the mountain?

Amanda became the backbone of this family again, but she couldn't hold on any longer...


The voice was...

Amanda was stunned.

"Amanda, is you?"

Amanda turned around mechanically.

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