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   Chapter 45 Tantalizing Atmosphere

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"Hello, Miss Sabella?"

"Yes, I am Jake."

"Ah, Mr. Danny is on an emergency business trip."

"We're going to Miami and haven't got the overseas SIM card yet. He may not be able to contact you these days."

"Yes, don't worry. He is going through the formalities."

"Yes, he'll be back in a few days."

"Okay, don't worry."

"Okay, bye."

Jake tilted his head and held the phone with his shoulder, then he hung up the phone.

The teller at the reception desk handed out two tickets. "Sir, your tickets."

Jake hurriedly fiddled with his phone and took the air ticket. The teller smiled and reached out a hand to help Jake take down the phone.

He was wearing a suit and a pale face, it was really funny.

"Thank you."

The ground crew was so beautiful but Jake had no time to care about it, he quickly ran over and handed the ticket to Danny. "Hurry up. We should board in half an hour, the nearest flight you want."

The couple leaned against each other on the chairs of the airport.

"Hey, don't look like you are dying and couldn't see each other again, okay?"

Amanda stood up at once and took the ticket out of Jake's hand. "Bah."

Danny also stood up and patted Jake's shoulder, "Thank you."

The two walked into the security checkpoint hand in hand.

"Alas..." Jake sighed.

At SVO airport.

"It's so cold." Before getting off the plane, Amanda felt a burst of cold. Although she bought two thick long down jackets before she set out, the winter in Russia was indeed really cold.

Danny held her tightly in his arms and walked out of the airport, he held Amanda's hand and walked towards a man who should be a taxi driver. The language they spoke made Amanda confused.

She didn't expect that there would be language problems before she came to Russia, and she didn't expect that Danny could even speak Russian.

Such an excellent man... But he couldn't belong to her.

Three hours later, Danny and Amanda arrived at St Petersburg and checked in at a hotel.

Amanda arrived in a strange country, she was attracted by the buildings and pedestrians around her, her eyes were full of expectation and curiosity.

At the same time, Danny felt relaxed as he was free from domestic restraints.

After putting the things in the room, Danny held up Amanda's face and stared a

but Danny was watching it with interest. Amanda looked at Danny from time to time, but he was unmoved.



"Do you like the TV series?" Amanda felt a little bit speechless.

"It's so fun." Danny was confused.

"Do you want to do something?"

"Do what? Sleep? "

Amanda was so angry that she got out of bed and closed the curtain. Danny still looked at her with interest and said, "It's too dark. It's not good for eyes. Turn on the light."

Amanda ignored him, then Danny turned to look at her.

Amanda squinted at him. Her hands moved slowly to her waist and wandered around the bathrobe's belt.

Danny swallowed and asked, "What are you doing?"

Without saying a word, Amanda untied her belt slowly. The white bathrobe slid down, revealing her naked young and beautiful body.

The atmosphere was dangerous and charming.

"Amanda..." Danny said in a hoarse voice.

"Shh!" Amanda crawled into the bed and kissed him.

Danny thought the little rabbit was charming, but he still maintained his last sanity. "Amanda, we have no future."

Therefore, he didn't want to take advantage of her shamelessly.

Amanda's body stiffened and became a little cold. Soon, it was replaced by a hotter temperature, and her attack became more and more violent.

"I don't want the future."

"I just want now."

Very few men could refuse a woman who took the initiative.

Especially his beloved woman.

It was not dark outside, but the atmosphere in the room was tantalizing.

The situation.


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