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   Chapter 44 You Can Refuse

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"Amanda, where are you going?" Amanda's parents were watching TV in the living room and watching their daughter putting on her coat and going out.

"To meet someone."



Amanda slammed the door, leaving her parents speechless, well, she didn't look like going to see her boyfriend at all

Amanda went downstairs without combing her hair or washing her face, wearing a set of pajamas, a pink fur slippers and a white down jacket.

Anyway, Danny had seen all kinds of her appearance.

Jake had already left. Seeing her like this, Danny wanted to laugh, but he almost cried when his mouth moved a little bit.

Danny, are you still a man? He cursed himself in his heart.

"Why are you looking for me?" Amanda pretended to be shy. In fact, she was overjoyed, she had thought that she would never see Danny again.

But when she saw Danny who was half smile, half crying and half hatred, her heart sank one point one.

It didn't look like Danny was here to show his kindness.

"Amanda..." His voice was full of bitterness.

These days, Amanda missed him so much that she almost cried out when she heard his voice. She sobbed, "What's wrong?"

"How are you doing?"

Amanda, I haven't seen you for a few days. You look thinner.

"Who are you to me? Mind your own business, okay?"


Why was the whole block shrouded in such a sad atmosphere tonight? Amanda seemed to be suppressed out of breath, she said first, "Danny, if you come here to say goodbye to me, then just don't say anything."

As expected, Danny stopped talking, Amanda's heart sank.

'He came to see me late at night just to say that he would never see me again?'

She couldn't bear it, she wasn't so sad when she broke up with La

aid you love me?"


Amanda's beautiful eyes were so sparkling. How could he not be lost?

Even if she was average looking, as long as there was a flash, her eyes were enough to make people fall in love with her.

Amanda's face softened. "Danny, you said you loved me..."

"No..." If they continued to tangle with each other, it would never end.

"As you said," Amanda said aggressively, "Danny, as you said, you love me."

"Yes, I love you, but I still can't be with you. Amanda, are you satisfied with this result? " Danny felt that he had been seen through and was somewhat annoyed.

"Yes." Said Amanda.

Danny was stunned.

Fool, what was she satisfied with?

Amanda stepped forward and hugged Danny. So did Sabella.

But when Amanda held him, he didn't resist at all. Instead, he wanted to hold her in his arms.

"Danny, please take me to the seaside."

"For the last time, be with me."

'You said you would take me on a holiday, not an overcrowded seaside, anywhere, even if the winter sea wind is bone cold.

It's good to let the wind blow you so cold that you can remember me forever.'

No man could refuse such a request.

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