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   Chapter 37 The Wound

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Amanda muttered to herself, 'If it's just for this, why can't I even go in and pack up my things?

How could Danny make up such a ridiculous reason?

No, I must go to Ye Family to see what happened.'

At home, although Sabella guessed that Amanda was not important to Danny, she still felt uncomfortable when she saw Amanda's things.

She always imagined what kind of woman she was, she could be with Danny every day, and what would happen to Danny and her at night.

Even a substitute was not allowed.

Leah was also called back by Danny. Now that she was back, the Ye Family had to get back to life.

The old Ye Family was dead, and the new one had to be rebuilt.

She was the only hostess here.

"Leah." The more Sabella thought about it, the more upset she became, when Leah came to bring her fruits, she stopped her.

"Miss, what can I do for you?" In fact, during this period of time, Danny just asked her to have a rest and also paid for it.

Leah was getting old, and it would be difficult for her to do the work after the holiday. But it was she who had brought up Danny and Sabella. After that incident, Leah once felt that Ye Family was defeated. The little girl who always pestered her to cook delicious food was gone, and her heart was empty.

Now that Sabella was back, Leah felt happy though she was a little tired.

"Clean up and throw away all the things in the guest room."

"Well..." When Amanda moved in, Leah had already left the Ye Family. Occasionally, when she passed by, she saw Amanda come out of the Ye Family. Leah thought it was Sabella.

In fact, she also liked Amanda.

Isn't it a little bad to throw away that girl's stuff so rashly?

With no expression on her face, Sabella continued to type something on the computer and said casually, "That woman won't come back. If she wants to get back those things, give her some money and let her buy them again."

In Sabella's eyes, Amanda should be that kind of woman.

In fact, Amanda was indeed that kind of woman.

There were several people in the world who looked like someone else. But why did these two people look like eac

couldn't even protect a little assistant.

"Ye Family doesn't need you anymore. Leah is more than 50 years old, and she does better job than you when she grazes the handrail. As a man, Jake is also more organized than you. I don't want to spend any more money on a woman who is more useless than me. Do you understand? "

'Danny, you dislike me?

Are you tired of me? Even my face, which looks like your dream lover, is no longer attractive.

So, during this period of time, the occasional tenderness was also an illusion. Right?

Or did you meet someone else? Did you meet your dream lover?

When Amanda left Layne, she was also heartbroken, but not long after, she acted as if nothing had happened.

But after experiencing it, Amanda knew this time was different from when she has the first love.

She didn't want to admit that she had fallen in love with Danny, but she couldn't deceive herself.

Sure enough, she overestimated herself. She was a worthless, just an ordinary girl. As the president of Ye Group, how could he fall in love with her?

It was just her wishful thinking.

Well, she was just making trouble out of nothing.

"Brother, who are you talking to?"

People were not afraid of getting hurt, and the wound wouldn't hurt too much.

But things would become different when others added salt to the wound, then the pain would be ten thousand times more painful than the knife cutting.

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