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   Chapter 36 Heartless Words

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"Ms. Lauren, please come in." Said Jake warmly to welcome Lauren.

When Lauren was about to walk inside, Amanda stood up and greeted, "Hello, madam."

Lauren glanced at her casually and was stunned. Then she looked at her up and down with a meaningful look and entered the office without saying anything.

Amanda curled her lips, this woman had taken herself well, although she didn't wear any makeup, there was no trace of the age without careful observation. She looked like a fairy.

But it seemed that she was a woman with mature aura.

As expected, a good mentality was the secret to keep young.

She looked so kind but was indeed really cold that she took the initiative to greet her, but got no response.

When Lauren entered the room, Danny immediately walked up to her and said, "Auntie, why do you have time to see me? If you have anything, just call me."

Lauren didn't respond, she stared at Danny for a few seconds and smiled, "Do you like her so much?"

Danny was confused, "What?"

Lauren didn't answer his question directly, "I heard that there is always a girl by your side these days, she must be the one sitting at the door."

As the CEO's assistant, it was inevitable for Amanda to be a little follower. She invisibly blocked a lot of women for Danny, and was envied by others, so they must report it to Leila.

Today, when Lauren saw Amanda outside the door, she understood.

"Yes, she is my assistant." Danny said honestly, since he was convinced that Lauren knew everything. Besides, there was nothing to hide.

Lauren shook her head and said, "You didn't tell me the truth. I don't believe you don't think she looks like a person."

So what?

No one could replace Sabella.

Likewise, Amanda was also the unique one.

Lauren didn't want to get to the bottom of it. Under the grey and blue cashmere ove

ow, it was as difficult as reaching the sky to talk to Danny.

The document was put on the desk. Without looking at her, Danny took it over and read it.

Amanda felt that the two of them were like a couple who were holding a cold war.


"What?" Danny looked up at her expressionlessly.

Amanda didn't know what to say, the two looked at each other.

Amanda couldn't help laughing first. Danny's face turned stiff.

Holding back, Amanda said, "hello..."

Danny stopped pretending to be aloof and asked, "What are you doing?"

"When can I go home?" Amanda just wanted to find an excuse to say something, but when she said it out, she felt herself pitiful.

Danny's heart ached.

It turned out that the rabbit that stayed at his home every day waiting for him to feed suddenly became a wandering rabbit.

It was only one day, but Danny began to miss the smell of wheat on her.

However, as for Sabella...

There were too many things in one's life that one couldn't control himself, and Danny was not an exception.

Even if he was the CEO of Ye Group, he was not an exception.

"Recently, the house is redecorated, so you should live somewhere else."

When did he say something against his will?

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