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   Chapter 35 Love And Care

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"Why isn't Leah here?" Sabella always felt that their home was too empty.

After taking a shower, she came out and saw that Danny was tidying up the room and making new sheets on the bed. He had never done this before, he didn't even know how to wash his own underwear, but now he made a bed for her.

Stunned, Danny continued to smooth the wrinkles on the bed sheet and said in a calm tone, "Leah is on holiday. I'll call her back tomorrow."

Sabella had stayed in Ye family for twenty years, Leah had stayed longer than her, and she had never taken a holiday.

This family had really changed.

"Okay," Danny patted the quilt, straightened up and looked at Sabella. "Welcome home, Sabella. Have a good dream tonight."

He turned around and was about to leave, but his arm was grabbed by Sabella, and her slender hand was wrapped around his strong arm.

"What's up?"

"Brother, won't you sleep with me tonight?"

In the past few years, Sabella was no longer the little girl. After experiencing so many things, she could be regarded as a "woman with story". She couldn't face her broken family in the past.

But one day in Japan, looking at the pink cherry petals falling all over the sky and the couples passing by who were holding hands with each other, Sabella suddenly wanted to have Danny by her side at the moment.

The past had past. Isn't the happiness now the most important?

She broke up with her boyfriend who was a rich second generation. When she came back, she wanted to go back to the man she loved and loved her, she only loved the man in her heart.

Danny looked at Sabella, her long black hair was half dry and half wet, and some of them were stuck to her fair neck. She was wearing a silk bathrobe nightgown with black edge. Under the Nightgown, there should be a beautiful curve.

That was the forbidden area he once desired but dared not to offend.

Danny withdrew his gaze and gave a warm smile to Sabella. He touched her hair and said, "Good girl, I have work to do tonight. Dry your hair and go to bed early."

Sabella looked

suddenly felt that Danny had indulged her too much some time ago. She couldn't go on like this, she was not a shameless parasite, since she had received the benefits of others, she had to give back a corresponding value.

Danny glanced at her and didn't explain what happened yesterday.

All of a sudden, Amanda was a little angry, though she was useless, she was driven out all of a sudden, didn't she deserve any comfort?

Danny spent the whole morning in his office. Since he took over the Ye Group, although his private life was chaotic, he had been meticulous in his work, but it was the first time that he was absent-minded today.

At half past ten, Jake knocked on the door and came in.

"What's the matter?"

"Mr. Danny, Lauren is here."

Danny was stunned for a little while.

Mrs. Ye was called Leila, and Lauren was her sister. In the past, both Danny and Sabella had to call her aunt.

As a painter, Lauren had always been secluded from the world. When she grew older, she lived outside the city, since the Ye Family's accident, he had only seen her for a few times.

It was also difficult for Jake to remember her.

But why was she here?

"Invite her in."

Although Lauren seldom visit Ye Family, she still loved and care about Danny and Sabella.

When Ye Family was in chaos, it was Lauren who helped Danny to secure the position of president.

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