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   Chapter 30 Becoming Powerful

Surreal Super Adoration By JAYLEE PETERS Characters: 7126

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Danny happened to pass by the washroom and heard the woman's exclamation. Amanda was the only woman who worked on this floor. So when Danny heard the scream, he was a little nervous.

But then he realized that it was not Amanda's voice.

"Mr. Danny, let me have a look." Seeing that Danny stopped for a while, Jake thought the cry had disturbed him.

Shaking his head, Danny walked on with a faint smile on his face.

The little white rabbit became a spiritual being.

When Danny returned to his office, he saw that Amanda was drawing with her head down. He grabbed her wrist.

"What are you doing?" Amanda exclaimed.

The door was closed, locked. He pounced on Amanda and pressed her on the door.

Was Danny interested in having date in the office? Amanda thought to herself.

Danny's face was getting closer and closer to Amanda's face. Realizing that resistance was useless, Amanda turned her head and closed her eyes. Danny didn't kiss her oppressively.

"You are awesome." Danny's warm breath fell on Amanda's ear. As was sensitive, half of Amanda's body was soft and could not help trembling.

Noticing her performance, Danny smiled complacently, "how do you dare to bully my employees in my company?"

Amanda rolled her eyes and said, "but she bullied me first."

"You're getting more and more eloquent. Did I spoil you?"

However, Danny thought that she was more lovely than before. It seemed that the image of a timid and obedient girl in the past was only an illusion, and now this Amanda with thorns was real.

"Mr. Danny is so kind to me. Why don't you spoil Candy in the public relations department and let her enjoy cleaning the Ye's house?"

"My little thing, do you think you can escape punishment in this way?"

Danny's hands touched the body of Amanda restlessly. Amanda felt that she couldn't escape it.

At this moment, someone coughed outside.

"Mr. Danny, the representative of JX Telecom has been waiting for you for a long time."

Danny frowned unhappily, "I see. I'll be right there."

She always felt that Amanda was very attractive today. If it weren't for the fact that Jake had been with him for a few years, he would have fired him today.

But he still had to make a deal with a business worth ten million dollars.

"See you tonight." Before leaving, he didn't forget to flirt with Amanda.

Danny straightened his tie and went out.

After calming herself down, Amanda felt that Danny and Jake had gone far. She also tidied up her clothes, opened the door and walked out.

The smell of cigarette was so strong that Amanda frowned and found that Jake didn't leave. He smoked in front of a window in front of the CEO's office.

Through the faint mist, Amanda could see the faint smile on Jake's face.

Danny didn't smoke, either. How could he bear such a heavy smoke?

Rich people always pay attention to health care. Smoking is harmful to health.

Next time, she would tell Danny that smoking second-hand smoke was not good.

All of a sudden, Amanda felt that she was like a temptress who liked a stool pigeon.

But it didn't feel good to be seen through. Jake made people feel that he knew everything in their heart.

In fact, he just felt that this girl was really different from before.

In just a few months, she had gained more strength. It turned out that she was just like a soulless puppet. She was pushed away by the hardships of life, and even her eyes were dull. Now she was like a human being with her own happiness, sadness and


Even when she was angry, she looked very cute.

Actually, a woman with story would be charming.

After work, Amanda went back to Ye family's house. She ordered takeout and exercised after dinner -- cleaning.

Danny still didn't come back, so Amanda went to take a shower first.

Putting on the bathrobe and wiping the mist off the mirror, Amanda began to dry her hair in front of the mirror. She looked at herself while drying her hair. In the past, she always felt that one eyelid was not good-looking and she wanted to have an operation on it.

But Bill didn't agree. He said that Chinese women with slanted eyes are charming, and Amanda had never had the same feeling as her father said.

But today, she suddenly felt that her eyes were very beautiful. The pupil was as black as ink and the sclera clearly white.

Although her hair was cut from long to short, she looked more mature.

All of a sudden, Amanda wondered if her eyelids lined would be beautiful, which pulled together slightly, just like the party girls in the Republic of China.

She couldn't help thinking of Layne. She didn't know if he would like her at present. When a woman became more beautiful, she would be eager to let another person see her.

She wondered how he was doing now. Had he met someone more suitable for him?

She comforted herself again that she should be satisfied with the money and the company of such a good man like Danny.

'Amanda, you are such a frivolous woman.' A voice said in the bottom of her heart.

Just be frivolous, as long as you are happy. Let nature take its course, and everyone would be relieved.

Bill used to be addicted to gambling. There were only two people at home, Amanda and her mother. On many stormy nights, the thunder was as loud as the sound of a creditor pounding the door. The two of them were shivering under the same quilt.

In fact, Amanda lacked a sense of security. She was badly needed companionship.

In the past, Layne always accompanied Amanda to work, to work and to have dinner together. Now it was Danny who was getting along with Amanda day and night.

It was said that one thing would be easy to use if had been used for a long time. A person, after getting along with each other for a long time, also became pleasant.

Living in the same house, a man and a woman looked into each other's eyes. No matter how much they hated each other at the beginning, after a long time, they would see the shining points on the other person. Therefore, the person she hated very much became less annoying.

So she couldn't say that she was a wanton woman. After all, people who had never experienced love would take habits and dependence as love.

But at a certain age, boys were more mature in love than girls. Therefore, Layne was serious about Amanda. When Amanda suddenly realized that her feelings for Layne seemed not to be called love, she felt very sorry. However, it was a little relaxed. In her life, she probably had a chance to fall in love with someone.

She hoped that Layne could find her Mr. Right as soon as possible. On the other hand, she couldn't get rid of the shackles and just enjoy the life now, which even the most beautiful woman in the public relations department was jealous of.

In the evening, Danny came back with tiredness. He just wanted to flirt with Amanda, but he didn't expect that the woman in his arms was so cooperative that his desire was aroused.

The night was beautiful and pure and sexy woman was more seductive.

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