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   Chapter 29 A Pot of Cold Water

Surreal Super Adoration By JAYLEE PETERS Characters: 7200

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According to the current situation, the cleaning lady must have been sent away by the two old women at the door. But what should she do? Danny was still waiting for her to send him the documents?

He had no choice but to ask Mr. Danny to come to his favorite lady's room.

Somehow, Amanda was confident that she could call Danny over with just a message.

She picked up the phone on the storage table quietly.

"Mr. Danny, it seems that I am jealous of your female colleagues and locked in the cubicle of the lady's room. The important contract I want to send to you is also with me. Please come and take the contract. Don't delay the meeting later. "

Looking at this unreasonable message, Danny's veins stood out on his forehead.

'What could this stupid woman do.....'

Candy and another female colleague raised a bucket of water and were about to pour it into the cubicle.

There was only the CEO's office on the top floor, and the ladies' room had always been empty, so they were not worried that someone would come.


When Danny pushing the door, Candy and her female colleagues were still immersed in the pleasure of revenge. So they didn't hear the sound of pushing the muted door.

The bucket was a little heavy, and the two weak women ("affected") raised them trembling.

"What are you doing?" Danny said in a gloomy voice.

With a shake of their little hands, the bucket tilted inward, and a drop of water spilled on Amanda's head.

Having heard the sound, Amanda guessed what happened outside. She raised her hand slowly and wiped her wet hair away. A helpless smile appeared on her face for Danny.

Candy and her female colleagues didn't expect that Danny would come. They were completely shocked. Lowering their heads, their hands were trembling.

Danny hated the infighting between women the most. He said impatiently, "Get out of here now."

Candy didn't even have time to think about it. She was ordered to get out of here by Danny. Having got the amnesty, Candy rushed out with her female colleagues.

The cubicle where Amanda was located was supported by a mop. No wonder she couldn't get out.

Danny rudely pulled out the mop. When the door was opened, he saw Amanda who was like a drowned rat.

"Don't laugh." Amanda held back her anger.

Danny just smiled slightly and reached out his hand.

There was no tissue or handkerchief on his hand.

He did not ask her like normal people: "Are you okay? Wipe it. "

Instead, he said, "Give me the contract. Don't get it wet."

It was a new motto to ignore people with low Eq.

Anyway, it was useless for Amanda to stay in the company. Now being in such a mess, she asked Jake to send herself home.

Having finished business in the evening, Danny came home.

As soon as having entered the door, he saw Amanda looking down at him on the two floor.

"Who are they today?"

At this moment, Danny was reflecting on himself. Was he too good to Amanda these days? It seemed that the woman was getting more and more lawless. How dare she talk to her master in such an attitude?

Feeling it interesting, he pretended to be confused. Changing his shoes, Danny asked casually, "who are they?"

Amanda came down the stairs and walked to Danny. Changing his shoes with a serious look, Danny felt the darkness in front of him.

"The women who splashed water on my head with your help today. You must have seen them, right? "

Bowing, Danny looked at Amanda with his head tilted.

From this point of view, Amanda was still skinny without a pair

of chin. All of a sudden, Danny thought, 'why do I think she looks like Sabella? Amanda had phoenix eyes. At this moment, they were flashing a cold light. While for Sabella, her eyes were double eyelids which were gentle.

"What are you doing? !" Danny suddenly lifted Amanda up, which frightened Amanda.

Looking straight ahead, Danny said seriously, "I'll tell you if you sleep with me."

Speaking of this, Danny hadn't favored those young models for a long time.

Maybe it was because of what happened in New York that affected his mood. Somehow, he became interested tonight. Maybe it was because Amanda looked a little interesting when she was angry.

Tossing and turning

Rolling clouds and rolling rain


Finally, looking at the man who was sighing contentedly and laying on her body, Amanda said——

"Now can you tell me who are those two people?"

Danny was depressed. 'Wasn't he strong enough? Why did she still think about it?'


Tossing and turning

Rolling clouds and rolling rain



When woke up in the morning, Amanda felt that her waist was almost broken. She didn't know how long Danny had made love with her that she fell asleep later.

Danny was wearing a tie with his back to her. He could even feel that she was awake. He said, "if you feel tired, you don't have to go to work today."

How could she not go to work? She was full of anger and wanted to find someone to vent it......

"So, who are those two people?"

Even Amanda felt a little impatient.

With a helpless smile on his face, Danny said, "It makes sense for you to repay them for ruining their plan last time."

When having arrived at the company, Amanda saw that Lisa, who was an intern in the public relations department, coming to deliver some documents today, so she went upstairs and whispered a few words in Lisa's ear.

Lisa was just a newcomer, so he didn't know that Amanda was a paper tiger. Feeling that the assistant of the CEO was as powerful as a eunuch beside the emperor, she obedient to Amanda.

Candy was wild with joy when she heard the CEO ask her to go upstairs. She thought that Danny was amazed by her beauty yesterday. Before Lisa having finished her words, she ran out.

When she was about to knock at the door of the CEO's office, Candy suddenly felt that her lipstick was not red enough today and wanted to fix her makeup.

When she entered the bathroom, she found that Amanda was washing her hands. There was a washbasin in the washbasin, which looked like the washbasin used by grandma.

Candy suddenly had an ominous premonition, but she felt that since Danny had let her go, he wouldn't be so bored as to snitch on her to Amanda. "Good morning, Amanda," she greeted Amanda with a fluke

Amanda also gave her a pure, harmless smile and said, "good morning."

Candy was sure that she didn't know about it, so she fixed her makeup in front of the mirror next to her.

"Isn't Lisa delivering the documents today? Why are you here?" Amanda asked.

Hearing her question, Candy became more proud. She smiled charmingly and said, "I don't want to come and go, but Mr. Danny seems not to be used to people other than me sending documents."

"Oh, I see..." After washing her hands, Amanda turned off the tap quietly.

"Actually..." Amanda picked up the bowl.

"I want to see you."



There was a basin of cold water in it. Amanda washed her hands and her hands were red with cold.

At this moment, Candy was trembling and looking at Amanda in disbelief.

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