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   Chapter 28 Being trapped

Surreal Super Adoration By JAYLEE PETERS Characters: 6519

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It was impossible for her to be together with Layne. Amanda also felt that this was her only love in the life, but was strangled in the cradle by Danny.

In the future, just be a happy and heartless person.

In this room, Amanda used to be quite happy when she went home at night and before she went out in the morning. It was full of her memories about Layne.

Anyway, she had to leave sooner or later, so she decided to leave as soon as possible and stop thinking about him.

There were not many things, a large suitcase was enough to take away the stuff.

At seven o'clock in the evening, Amanda stood at the gate of Danny's house.

"So early?" Danny asked, raising his eyebrows, looking at Amanda who was dragging a suitcase at the door.

He could also imagine what Amanda would do and meet during this period of time. She came so early, he should have been happy that his words were somewhat intimidating. But looking at Amanda's expression, he felt inexplicably unhappy.

"Okay." A woman who was desperate for love was terrible. As long as her parents were safe and healthy, Amanda was not afraid of anything.

Amanda consciously dragged her suitcase to the room where she lived last time, only then did she find that the room was so empty.

"Where is the aunt?"

With an innocent look on his face, Danny asked, "Which aunt? The housekeeper I hired at the cost of one million is here. What kind of aunt do I need? "

Amanda had recalled something.

He asked her to be his personal assistant, both at work and at life.

It turned out that the personal assistant in daily life was just cleaning.

But whether Danny had overestimated her? Today, when Amanda was observing outside, she found that. Danny's house was really big. Just like the houses of the big families in the ancient times. It looked simple and magnificent, and it was not the residence of an ordinary rich family, but the feeling of "old money".

But before this, only Danny and the aunt lived here?

In fact, the house was too big, it made people feel it was empty.

Now that she had come, she should be at ease. Amanda felt that this sentence was really the truth of life, which was applied to most occasions.

On the second day, as the assistant to the president, Amanda followed Danny into the company with Jake, one on the left and one on the right.

It was not until she saw the familiar enchanting figure that Amanda realized that she was still in the design department. Since she had disappeared recently, the people in the design department couldn't contact her either. Now that she had come back in such a state, it was still a little embarrassing to see others again.

In fact, Horace didn't care whether Amanda would come to work or not. After all, it wasn't him who should pay her. To his disappointment, Layne resigned.

He also said that Amanda might not be able to go to work normally these days and asked him not to care about it.

Now that he saw this girl again and she even stayed with the CEO, she looked like a villain who had achieve her own goal. (Horace thought). Horace believed that Layne must have been fooled by this girl and left in disappointment.

So even when he saw Danny, he turned a b

lind eye to him and snorted coldly.

Of course, Danny knew Horace, the well-known talent director of the design department. He was famous for his dressing, his talent and his personality.

It seemed that Amanda was not welcomed by him when she was under his control. It was said that it was Layne who sent Amanda to the design department, it was unnecessary.

When they arrived at the top floor and got out of the elevator, they saw Candy, who had just sent the documents, walking towards them.

Candy couldn't believe that there was a woman being with Danny, although his private life was dissolute, he still behaved well in the company.

Candy took a closer look at her and found that she looked familiar.

'What? Wasn't she the one who ruined my plan that day?!

But why she seemed to have changed into another person?

When Amanda was in New York, Danny was in the mood to take her to do her hair. Amanda felt that her hair was getting shorter and shorter. From the long hair to the waist, to the back, to the collarbone, to the lower part of the ear.

Yes, Amanda's hair was cut to the position of her ears. It was a lovely doll head style.

But the hairdresser had made several details, such as the exquisite arc, the sharp curly hair on the side of her face, and the cold brown color, which made the innocent and harmless Amanda successfully turn into a strong woman in the workplace.

In particular, Amanda wore a black wool suit with white edge today. Because of her calmness and expressionless face, she looked more delicate and indifferent.

'This woman was not as simple as she looked, she pretended to be innocent and ruined my good plan, trying to get her position.' When she saw her that day, she felt that this woman's eyes were sparkling. She guessed that she must have doing something indescribable with Danny after she left.

This scheming bitch...... Candy's complicated thoughts almost made her forget to greet Danny.

It was not until Danny almost walked over that she realized, "Hello, Mr. Danny."

The three of them, Danny, Jake and Amanda, walked over expressionlessly.

Candy felt insulted and swore to herself that she would not let go of Amanda easily.

Although she was the assistant to the CEO, Amanda didn't have the chance to access those high-end confidential documents. What she did was just to serve tea, water and order food.

Amanda didn't pay much attention to it, she thought it was a good job and was happy to have some free time.

However, it didn't mean that others wouldn't be against her.

One day, when Amanda went out of the bathroom, the door of the cubicle couldn't be opened.

She thought the lock was broken, so she had no choice but to call the cleaner to help her out.

At this time, she clearly heard someone sneering at the door, and suddenly she felt there must be something wrong.

——Someone was trapping her.

She didn't expect that there would be someone jealous of her work.

In the past, Amanda was an absolute timid person. No matter how others bullied her, she would not take it to heart or want to revenge.

But now, Amanda was still sad for the loss of Layne. When she was about to vent her anger, someone came to her.

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