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   Chapter 26 Secret

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"What?" Facing the gentle Danny, Amanda didn't know what to do.

"Do you think the man today looks like me?" It was rare for Danny to be patient.

He was talking about the cook whom he and George peered at today. Obviously, that man and Danny were from two different planets. How could they look like each other?

"I I didn't see the man clearly. " Amanda faltered. She really didn't see clearly what that person looked like.

"But there will be some resemblance in the family, won't there?" Danny turned over and looked up at the ceiling.

"Relatives?" Amanda was stunned.

'What? Danny and that cook are relatives? How could it be? The Ye family was so wealthy that it wouldn't be a big deal to raise a few more idlers.

The cook was not young anymore. Was he Danny's lost uncle?

That was too campy.'

Danny didn't explain more, but said sadly, "yes, relatives."

Amanda didn't dare to ask more. She knew that Danny hated to be asked by others, not to mention that it was his private affair and might be related to the scandal of Ye family. Amanda was not a gossipy.

However, she always felt that there was deep sadness in Danny eyes.

Shouldn't they be happy to see their family reunion?

That night, Danny slept with Amanda, but he didn't do anything. Amanda had a sound sleep.

The second morning, when she woke up, the sun was shining outside the window. Danny was no longer by her side. The door was closed. When Amanda got out of bed and was about to open the door, she vaguely heard someone talking in the living room.

Amanda carefully opened the door a crack.

It was George.

George said, "It has been sent to the hospital for inspection. The result will come out in a few days."

"Yes," replied Danny.

George lowered his voice so that Amanda could barely hear it, "if it's true, what are you going to do?"

Danny paused for a while and said, "actually, I don't know what to do."

George stretched himself and took a deep breath. "Yes, if it happened on me, I don't know what to do with it either. In my opinion, you don't have to recognize him. Although he is your father, he abandoned you when you were young, and now he is just a cook. There is no need to recognize him. "


Amanda's jaw almost dropped. That man was the father of Danny.

Amanda remembered the family photo she saw on the bedside of Danny's grandmother in the sanatorium. Who was the man in the photo?

The story was so complicated. Ordinary people like her really didn't understand the grudge between the rich and powerful clans.

When Amanda came to her senses, she found that Danny and George were staring at her. She was frightened and felt guilty. She raised her hands and greeted them as if nothing had happened, "Good morning. You get up so early."

"How long have you been eavesdropping there?" Danny asked expressionlessly. He didn't look gentle and helpless as last night at all.

"I heard nothing." Amanda explained awkwardly, although she knew that explanation was a cover up.

Danny stood up and walked over. He raised Amanda's chin and stared straight into her eyes. "Don't say a word about what happened today, or your whole family would die."

Amanda hurriedly nodded and said, "Mr. Danny, don't worry. I really didn't hear anything, let alone say a word."

At this time, Amanda's disgust with Danny was alleviated a little. No wonder

Danny was a strange person. After all, it was normal and understandable to have mental abnormalities when abandoned by his biological parents.

"Don't look at me like that." Said Danny. Then he let go of her and walked aside.

Shrugging, Amanda returned to the room wisely.

At the moment of closing the door, Amanda suddenly realized that if Danny had nothing to do with Ye family, how could his foster parents take him in and let him manage Ye Group.

Is that because......? ......

'Danny belongs to his foster mother and the chef?'

Danny came here not only to look for his biological father, but also for important business. When Danny went out for business, Amanda stayed in her room. The hotel's customer service would bring her three meals a day and afternoon tea.

One day, when Danny came back late, he saw Amanda lying on the sofa and sleeping. The TV was still on and it was broadcasting with a language that Amanda couldn't understand. Looking at it, Amanda fell asleep with a piece of cookie in her mouth.

Danny pushed her with disgust and wanted her to go back to her room.

But Amanda also turned over impatiently and went on sleeping. Perhaps because of her sudden movement, the biscuits in her mouth were broken. Amanda choked unconsciously and coughed hard, but she still didn't wake up.

'This woman was really like a pig.'

Danny had no choice but to go back to his room and freshen up. He was ready to go to bed. After thinking for a while, he came out and saw that Amanda was still in sound sleep. He went to the cabinet and took a quilt to cover her.

Amanda was woken up by the cold air and found that there was a quilt on her body.

Does Danny cover it on her? 'It was so horrible

Why didn't he put more quilts on? And he set the temperature of the air-conditioner too low.

However, this cold man was kind of human

Amanda had stayed in the hotel as breeding animals for more than ten days. She had no contact with anyone, except for the delivery man and Danny who watched TV in the room without saying anything to her after finishing business

Amanda felt that she was going to be good for nothing.

At this time, George came with a kraft paper bag in his hand.

The document bag was thrown on the tea table, and no one spoke anything. Danny and George looked at Amanda tacitly.

Amanda raised her hands, as if she had understood what they meant, and went back to her room.

"Take a look." George motioned for Danny to open the file bag.

"Just tell me the result." There was no emotion in Danny's voice.

With a serious face, George approached Danny, put her hands on his shoulders, looked into his eyes and said, "Mr. Danny, I'm sorry to tell you that the cook of the Chinese restaurant is..."

"A person who has nothing to do with you."

Danny didn't know whether he was disappointed or relieved.

"I knew it. That man doesn't look like you at all. But it's all my fault. I provided you with the wrong information. It's all in vain. "

"It doesn't matter." Danny took a sip of water, trying to calm himself down.

How many people could keep calm when it came to their loved ones?

Since that person had nothing to do with him, there was no need to continue to stay here.

That night, Danny and Amanda boarded the flight back.

Amanda looked very excited. After all, she hadn't spoken to anyone for a long time.

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