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   Chapter 25 They Look Like Each Other

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The handsome man chatted and laughed with Danny. When he noticed Amanda, he looked at her with a meaningful look and asked Danny, "is this your assistant? You taste is a little bad... "

Amanda rolled her eyes in her heart, thinking that the handsome man was saying that she was not good-looking.

Sure enough, Danny's friends were all a group of scheming men, the same as him.

Noticing the restrained and embarrassed look on Amanda's face, the handsome man reached out a hand and introduced himself, "Hello, I'm George, a doctor. I'm afraid I'm the only friend of Danny."

If Amanda was drinking water now, she would spit out a mouthful of water. Judging from his frivolous look, he didn't look like a doctor

He even called Danny "a brat". They really had a good relationship.

Amanda still gave him a polite smile and said, "I'm Amanda."

George smile meaningfully and said, "I know."

Did Danny mention her in front of his friend? She was flattered.

The atmosphere suddenly became a little embarrassing. Amanda took the initiative to find a topic and said, "Mr. Danny was sick last night. It would be better if you come early."

George looked at Danny, who had already put on his clothes and got out of bed, and said casually, "It's okay. He has this physique. He would have a fever in the new place. Even if he doesn't do anything, he will recover in a few hours."

"What?" 'how could this bastard have such physique? I was so worried about him.'

Noticing Amanda's unhappiness, Danny coughed and said, "George, have you had breakfast?"

'Don't change the topic!' …… Amanda thought to herself.

George took Amanda and Danny to have breakfast together. When Danny went to the washroom, George's smile suddenly turned cold. "Tell me, what's your purpose of approaching Danny?"

Amanda was amused. What was her purpose? It was Danny who asked her to stay with him. If Amanda had any purpose, it was for money.

"What's do you mean?" Amanda looked at him as if she was looking at a fool.

"Do you know about Sabella?"

Amanda didn't want to hide anything. She nodded and said, "I've heard of her, but I don't know who she is. No one told me in detail."

George's face darkened. "You look so much like Sabella. Has no one ever told you about it?"

Amanda said helplessly, "even if we look like each other, so what? What can I do to Danny?"

George stared at her. This girl looked like Sabella, but obviously not as good-looking as her. She didn't seem to be lying. Was it true that he thought too much? At least, Danny was not a fool and wouldn't keep someone with ulterior motives by his side.

But he still had to say what he should say. George said slowly, "even if you don't have any bad thoughts, I hope you can understand that although you look like Sabella, you cannot have a fate similar to her. You and Danny are from two different planets."

'Come on. I'm not shameless. I don't want to be with Danny either.'

Amanda was completely speechless.

'Indeed, a strange person couldn't be as kind as what he looked like.

Danny seemed to be difficult to get along with for real. But George looked enthusiastic, and in fact, he was more alienated from others.

Forget it After all, he had been a good friend of Danny for many years.

She couldn't afford to offend him

When Danny came back, he found that there seemed to be something wrong between the two, but he had something more important to do, so he didn't bother to ask.

'Although they

were both Chinese, they communicated in English.'

Amanda thought to herself.

If Amanda could understand, she would know that the conversation between Danny and George was as follows:

"How is it going?" Danny said.

George said: "I told you not to act rashly, but you ran over immediately. I'm afraid the result will disappoint you."

"I've been disappointed for so long anyway. I don't care to be disappointed again."

"Yes, but you would still feel bad."

"No matter how bad I feel, it's not as sad as the moment I knew they abandoned me."

"Maybe they has their own difficulties..." George tried to defend for "them".

Danny took a sip of tea without saying anything.

"By the way..." George seemed to remember something, "hasn't Yolanda forgiven you yet?"

Danny chuckled and said with a bitter smile, "she has got silly. How could she not forgive me? Even Amanda can be regarded as Sabella in her eyes."

Amanda suddenly felt that the two people's eyes were inexplicably focused on her again.

'What are they looking at? Did I eat too much?' Amanda thought to herself.

George sighed, "The god of destiny really makes fools of the people. The old lady - Yolanda was also a legend when she was young."

Danny's face darkened.

After dinner, Danny said to Amanda, "Wait for me at the hotel. I have something to do outside."

Amanda became nervous all of a sudden. She was unfamiliar with this place and couldn't speak well. She was afraid of being cheated by strangers.

But she was embarrassed to admit it. She smiled awkwardly and said, "Mr. Danny, I'd better follow you. It's good to broaden my horizons."

Danny had already seen through what she was thinking. He didn't want to expose it and acquiesced in letting her follow him.

Amanda breathed a sigh of relief. For her, losing love was already terrible enough. If she was lost in a foreign country, how could her parents live the rest of their lives?

The destination was a Chinese restaurant. George walked in and whispered something to the landlady. The landlady asked them to go with her. Amanda also wanted to follow them, but George glanced coldly at Amanda. She thought that she'd better wait for them in the hall.

George and Danny opened the kitchen door stealthily and looked inside. Then they suddenly walked quickly to the other side. After dozens of seconds, a middle-aged Chinese dressed as a cook came out of the door and didn't notice that he was peeped at.

Danny stood in the opposite direction and kept glancing at the direction of the middle-aged man.

Amanda felt disgusted. 'Is Danny so fond of men?'

These two people usually looked like human beings, but they have such a dirty side unexpectedly.

When the middle-aged man returned to the kitchen, George was about to walk over, but was stopped by Danny.

"What? Do you detest his job?" That's right. The chef can't be compared with the chairman. " George teased him. If others dared to talk to Danny in this way, they would have died.

However, there was no response from Danny. He just shook his head and said, "I'm tired. Let's go first."

In the afternoon, Danny was working in his room while Amanda was studying the foreign Internet in her room. It was not easy for him to have a good sleep at night. Danny finally got on his bed.

With his head resting on his hands, Danny looked at Amanda with a complicated expression and asked

"Amanda, did you see the cook today? Do you think he looks like me?"

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