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   Chapter 24 Be Friends

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Amanda felt helpless. In fact, she thought that Danny was very kind to her. He could be with all kinds of women with such a condition. She just met him by chance and had a close relationship with him and he took out one million dollars to cure her father unexpectedly.

"Alas Just take me as the nursing worker you hired at a high price. "

There was even no washbasins in this large presidential suite.

Amanda walked around for a while and poured out the big golden tray which was used to toiletries in the bathroom. She fetched water, put a towel on her shoulder and walked towards the bedroom.

Putting a towel on his face, Amanda felt that his fever was more serious than before. She touched his face and found that it was really hot.

"How about I take you to the hospital?" But she didn't know how to communicate with the people here.

What should she do

At this moment, Danny whispered, "no, I won't go to the hospital..."

Being shocked, Amanda asked, "why do you still have consciousness?"

"What else, do you want to kill me?" Danny's words were still not pleasant to hear.

Although Amanda did think so

But he was really weak. How could Amanda care about his thought? If he was really in danger, she could not take the responsibility for it.

Unexpectedly, there was no password lock on Danny's phone. Wasn't the business elite's phone full of secrets?

Anyway, she had to call Jake for help first.

She didn't know what time it was at home, but she guessed that Jake hadn't gone to bed since he had just called her.

As expected, he answered it soon.

"What's the matter?" It was obvious that he knew it was Amanda.

"Well, I want to ask," Amanda suddenly decided to study English hard after going back, so that she wouldn't be so embarrassed as today. "I want to send Mr. Danny to the hospital. May I know how to contact others?"

Amanda thought that she must have heard it right that Jake must have laughed.

But soon he regained his indifferent tone, "Mr. Danny won't go to the hospital when he was sick'.

"What?" "How can he not go to the hospital as he is sick?"

"It's just a cold. He doesn't need to go to the hospital. Mr. Danny will be fine."

Soon, Jake hung up the phone, leaving Amanda in a mess.

She had no choice but to use the original method to apply a towel to his forehead.

Amanda was really exhausted. She had changed more than ten towels. Although Danny's head was still a little hot, it seemed to be much better. Amanda was so sleepy that she crawled up to the bed.

"Mom Mom! " Amanda was awakened by the cry of Danny and she thought he had woken up.

It turned out that he was talking in his dream.

"Is he calling Mommy?

By the way, did Danny ask her to work in Ye family and meet his family? She didn't expect that Danny was still a mama's boy.

The face was index to the heart.

Danny, who was still in a coma, frowned and looked very sad and painful. No one knew what kind of nightmare he had.

Looking at Danny like this, Amanda inexplicably felt that her maternal love was overflowing. She put her palm on his face and said, "Don't cry. Mom is here."

Maybe she was just playing tricks on him

Just when she was about to

take her hand off and was satisfied with her psychological revenge, Danny suddenly grabbed her wrist.

This man was so keen. Was he really sleeping or just pretending to sleep?

"Don't leave me..." "Mom Mom Sabella... "

'is Sabella Danny's sister? What happened between them?'

As far as Amanda knew, the person mentioned by Danny was not around.

Then, where did she go?

Was she dead?

No wonder he couldn't forget her. But if they were brother and sister, it would be too abnormal.

"Forget it. It's none of my business." Amanda shrugged, her hand still held tightly by Danny.

Looking at him like this, Amanda felt it a little funny. As the CEO of Ye Group, he was usually so arrogant and domineering, but now he was pitiful and begging her.

'Well, for the sake of your begging, I'll accompany you tonight.

It was not bad to sleep on the bedside.'

Amanda continued to sleep on the edge of the bed.

By the way, Danny asked Amanda to wake him up at night. He should have expected that he would have a fever. How could he arrange things at night? Was it because Amanda could came to take care of him at this time?

The rich man's tricks were so powerful.

Danny had a good sleep. But when he woke up, he felt his hands numb. He frowned and looked at Amanda. His hand was on Amanda's wrist and pressed on her arm the whole night. No wonder it was numb.

Why was this woman lying on the edge of his bed?

When he saw the tray filled with water and the scattered towels at the head of the bed, he suddenly realized that she had taken care of him for a whole night

'She is a little useful.'

But his hands were so numb.

It was rare for Danny to be gentle. He tried to pull his hand out carefully, but he still accidentally alerted Amanda.

Amanda rubbed her eyes and asked in a daze, "Mr. Danny, how are you feeling?"

She was so cute when she looked as silly as a toad. Danny felt a little blushed and coughed to hidden the feeling. "What? Don't you want me recover?"

Amanda felt speechless. This man was really hard to tell right from wrong.

At this time, the door bell rang.

"Who could it be?" Amanda asked in surprise.

"Open the door."

Since the boss had said that, then she opened the door.

Outside the door stood a gorgeous man in a casual suit with yellow skin.

'A friend of Danny?'

While Amanda was thinking, the beautiful man at the door stretched out his hand and snapped his fingers in front of her. "Beauty, is Danny here?"

Sure enough, he was a friend of Danny. Amanda was attracted by him just now and felt a little embarrassed when she realized it. She pointed at the master bedroom and said, "he was inside."

The handsome man smiled gently at her and walked in.

"Mr. Danny, you are still the same as before. You are weak and sick. Is it because of kidney deficiency?"

Hearing this, Amanda was trembling with fear. She was afraid that Danny would lose his temper, but he seemed to be in a good mood. It seemed that they were on good terms.

It was hard to imagine that Danny would have such an "easy-going" friend. However, if it weren't for the cheerful personality of this beautiful man, the two of them would not have been friends.

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