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   Chapter 22 No Longer Happy

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It turned out that Bill's cancer cells had been transferred somewhere else, but it was too subtle to show. The doctor did not find it out, so it relapsed. But if the surgery was performed in time, the condition could be controlled.

Last time, Danny gave her five hundred thousand dollars. It had been used up almost for the surgery and physical therapy.

Although Danny said that he would give her five hundred thousand after half a year, she had no intention of asking for it. And now she had a quarrel with Danny, how could he be willing to help her.

Then what could she do? Amanda suddenly felt that she was very selfish. For the sake of her love affair, she almost lost her father's life.

"So...... Will you still help me? " When a person was cornered, there were some words, knowing clearly that they can't get a response when they say them, or even bring more harm, should be said in disgrace.

As expected, Danny didn't respond to her. And Amanda didn't notice that he spent the whole night with her unconsciously.

Danny looked down at Amanda with the same thought as Amanda's. How could this woman have confidence and courage to ask him to continue to help her?

Thinking of this, Danny felt like he had been cuckolded.

"What do you think?" Danny asked coldly.

Amanda had expected his answer, but she was more desperate at this moment. However, what could she do? Ask Layne for help?

Although Layne might also like her, they didn't become lovers yet. How could she ask him for such a large amount of money? What kind of person had she become?

Amanda couldn't help but laugh at herself. She was such a person.

A woman who lived on a man.

She had been refusing to be close to Danny. What a bitch she was.

"I..." Amanda felt her throat was so dry, and she could not defend herself.

Since last night, she hadn't even drunk any water. Danny saw Amanda's soft and tender lips turning pale and wrinkled.

What a slovenly woman......

Suddenly, a child's prank came to his mind.

"I can help you..."

Amanda raised her head and looked at Danny. She couldn't believe that he would be so kind.

"What condition?" She asked in a hoarse voice.

Fate has already marked the price of the gift for you. There was no free lunches in the world. Everyone who got it had to pay the price.

"Leave him." Danny approached and stared at Amanda with a dangerous look in his eyes.

If it was in ordinary times, Amanda would definitely go crazy: 'you didn't love me, why did you fetter me.'

But now, Bill's condition was imminent, and Amanda had no room for negotiation.

"That's it?" She hoped that Danny can tell her all demands at once. Besides, Amanda knew that Danny wouldn't let her go so easily.

"Well, I have to give you one or two million at least. College students like you have to earn those for decades. Although you can work for me to pay off my debts, it seems that you don't behave well under my nose... "

Thinking of her flirting with Layne, Danny couldn't help clenching his fists.

Amanda lowered her head, as if she was waiting for orders from her boss.

"From now on, you can be my personal assistant, both in work and life." Danny pinched

Amanda's chin.

He hated dead prey, but being either active or struggling would be fun if they had some reaction.

However, he suddenly felt that he had enough patience to tame this ignorant lamb slowly.

"Okay, I promise you. As long as you can save my father. "

"No problem, my babysitter." Danny snickered.

"You can be my personal assistant, both at work and in life.

The house was so big that it also would cost a lot of money to hire servants to clean it."

Looking at the new string of zero appearing in her account, Amanda smiled bitterly in her heart. "Dad, mom, look, how valuable your daughter is. As long as she gave up a little dignity, she can save dad's life."

On the Eve of Spring Festival, the Gu family spent their time in the hospital. This time, she didn't dare to leave the hospital so easily. No matter how much her parents cared about the money, Amanda insisted on staying in the hospital for observation for a period of time.

Anyway, someone paid for all this. Using her own happiness in exchange for it, she had to make it worth.

On the evening of the Eve of Spring Festival, the hospital was quiet, which was rare and frightening. Amanda forced herself to cheer up and ordered several main courses. Considering that her father was still weak and couldn't eat too greasy, she also ordered a light porridge and several vegetables. The family had dinner in the ward.

Amanda went to get some water to wash her father's feet. As soon as she walked out of the ward, the wind passed through the corridor, which made Amanda shiver. When she passed by the place where she met Layne in the hospital that day, Amanda was absent-minded for a while, as if she felt that he was still standing there. He looked at her in surprise and asked, "Amanda, why are you here?"

At this time, he should have a happy New Year's Eve dinner with his parents, sister and brother-in-law. Sure enough, she didn't deserve that kind of happy life.

'Why don't you care about me?' Amanda's heart was filled with resentment.

Just then, her phone rang.

Spoke of the devil. It's a message from Layne.

"Amanda, happy New Year! Wish uncle and aunt good health! You should eat well and dress well. "

Looking at the message, Amanda smiled and tears fell.

'Layne, don't worry. Dad and mom will be healthy in the new year. I will take care of myself, eat well and dress well.

But I might not be happy anymore.'

Amanda didn't know whether she had made the right choice from the beginning to now, but that's it, there was no turning back. No matter when Danny would let her go in the end, she had already felt guilty to Layne from the bottom of her heart. They would never be together again.

Amanda couldn't understand why she had become so complicated step by step. Actually she just wanted a simple and ordinary life.

Maybe in the future, with the support of Danny, the Gu family would live a better life, and she would get along with him day and night, which dream many women were hungry for. But for Amanda, it was endless pain.

'Layne, are you still looking forward to meeting after the new year? And then we started our new life. But now I'm ready for the farewell that day.'

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