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   Chapter 21 Indecision

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The company was on annual leave, and everyone was very happy. The girls in the design department were busy dating with their boyfriends, and there was no party. However, the single men in the sales department were still in high spirits to organize the farewell dinner.

"Since Amanda went to the design department, she was really different from before." Andrew praised.

Other colleagues also said that Amanda had become more beautiful.

Amanda was so happy that she drank a few more glasses of wine.

In the evening, it was still Layne who sent her back.

When they arrived downstairs, Amanda said goodbye to Layne and was about to go upstairs.

Layne stopped her, "Amanda."

Amanda turned around and saw Layne get out of the car and stand in the snow.

"What's wrong?" She turned back again.

"Amanda, I may resign after the new year." Layne said. With his back to the light, Amanda couldn't see his expression clearly and felt depressed.

"Why did you resign? Where are you going? "Amanda pretended to be calm and asked him.

"My classmate in Tianjin asked me to start a business together. In fact, I have wanted to work alone for a long time. "

It was obvious that Layne was a capable man. Although he was already the director of a big company at such a young age, he hasn't shown his real capabilities. If he worked alone, he must have made some achievements.

Besides, he had been dissatisfied with Danny for a long time. He was not satisfied with working for his rival in love.

So when his classmates in Tianjin invited him to start a business together, he agreed without hesitation.

Tianjin Although it was not far away, when could they meet again after he left? Was Layne saying goodbye to her?

Amanda thought to herself.

As expected, there was still an insurmountable gap between her and Layne.

Seeing the disappointment on Amanda's face, Layne thought that she might have misunderstood what he meant. He said, "Amanda, I heard that you did a good job in the design department. Can I poach you?"

"What?" Amanda thought she had misheard, so she looked up at Layne with her eyes wide open.

Layne's face softened, "Amanda, go to Tianjin with me."

"I I go to Tianjin..." Amanda was still in a daze.

"Let me take care of you in Tianjin, okay?"

It was obvious that he loved her. Amanda couldn't believe the sudden happiness.

"Well, don't you accept it?"

"No, No. "Amanda shook her head heavily. But all this happened too suddenly. Mr. and Mrs. Gu had just been discharged from the hospital and settled down. If she went to Tianjin, she would still be worried about them. Moreover, the time she agreed with Mr. Ye hadn't come yet, so she was still not free.

However, all these were not problems. As long as half a year passed, everything would be fine.

"I still have some things to deal with at home. Can you give me some time?" Amanda muttered.

Layne smiled. He knew that this girl also liked him. He also knew that her father still needed to be taken care of, and that Amanda needed time to say goodbye to their parents. "I'll wait for you."

"Waiting for you" is the most beautiful honeyed words in the world.

The cold wind blew Amanda's bangs, and Layne warm lips gently touched her smooth forehead.

Although Amanda had already had sex with others, Layne's action as if caused a huge wave in Amanda's heart. Amanda felt that her face was so red that it was about to explode.

"Good night, Amanda."

"Amanda, see you next year."

See you next year

When Amanda returned home, she touched her hot face and muttered to herself, "Amanda, are you dreaming?"

Then she pinched herself hard.

"Ouch, it hurts."

Amanda cried out in pain. It seemed to be true. She giggled again and wanted to take out her phone to send a message to Layne to ask if he had gone home.

But when she took out her phone, she was shocked to see more than twenty missed calls.

From Danny.

Horace required the working environment of the design department to be absolutely quiet. Everyone's mobile phones were muted all night. They didn't have time to look at their mobile phones. No wonder Amanda missed Danny's call.

But how could he be so patient to call her so many times.

Amanda answered in a trembling voice.

As soon as the line was connected, Danny picked up the phone. The sound was no long cold but full of anger instead. Danny gritted his teeth and asked, "Amanda, where are you?"

"I...... I am at home. " Amanda was really afraid of Danny.

"Come to the central hospital. Hurry up."

"Hospital? What's wrong with you? "

Danny hated women who asked too much, and Amanda said more. Suppressing his anger, he said, "It's not me. It's your father."

'Dad? Didn't he recover and leave the hospital? Why was he in the hospital again? How could he be with Danny?'

Without thinking too much, Amanda grabbed her coat and ran out.

It was so cold on the street that she finally got into the taxi.

When she arrived at the emergency room, Amanda saw Danny standing there. She ran over out of control, grabbed his clothes and asked, "what did you do to my father? What's wrong with my father? "

Danny looked at her in disgust and asked, "what did I do to your father? You have to thank me. "

Amanda was already in a state of loss and incoherent. "But isn't my father all right? Why is he still in the emergency room? "

"You have to ask yourself. Your father came to the company to look for you, but he didn't know where you went and he couldn't get in touch with you. Fortunately, I happened to meet him after working overtime, or something unknown would happened."

Amanda felt so guilty that she collapsed on the ground wrapping her arms around her knees.

Danny sneered, "Amanda, didn't I say that keep your chastity. Do you think that I know nothing about the relationship between you and Layne? You see, this is your retribution."

Amanda opened her mouth, but finally had no strength to refute.

Yes, this was her retribution.

She took the money from Danny and made an agreement with him. But she still took him as a fool and flirted with Layne.

Danny's words were harsh, but he was right.

'But Dad, you must be fine.'

Seeing her like this, Danny felt inexplicably irritable. At first, he thought this woman was just not interested in amorous feelings, but later he found that she did not know what she should do and what she shouldn't do. Does she thought he was a man she could let him play in the palm of her hand?

'I'm afraid that she has already planned to run away with that man named Layne half a year later.'

But it seemed that he didn't want to see her sadness or painfulness as her father was hospitalized.

He even wondered if he had done something wrong. What would Sabella feel if she was in trouble alone and others treated her like this?

Danny hated being so indecisive.

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