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   Chapter 20 Confession

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Layne didn't send Amanda home last night, so he was angry inexplicably. He thought it was foolish for him to transfer Amanda from sales department to design department. It was only the first day that she was stay with the women from the design department from morning to night.

But when thinking that he could see Amanda again in the morning, he felt much better. Layne arrived at Amanda's downstairs ten minutes in advance.

Amanda didn't wear the clothes she wore last night as she felt it was too casual. She had always worn conservative clothes at work, so she was not used to it when not wearing the conservative clothes today.

Having remembered that Jake bought her several overcoats before which had not been wear, she worn the collar dress and knee boots, and then worn a khaki long coat.

"Oh no! I'm going to be late." After dressing up, Amanda took a look at her watch and found that it was the appointed time with Layne. She rushed out.

Sitting in the car, Layne saw a woman running out of Amanda's unit. He felt that the woman looked familiar, but he didn't think too much. He didn't expect that the woman went straight into his car.

"Well, I say..." He was about to remind the woman that she got in the wrong car. But Layne was stunned when she turned around.


Why did she seem to have changed into another person within a day.

Amanda's long hair was cut to the back by Jake, and Nana asked the hairdresser to cut it to the position of her collarbone directly, making a delicate arc. The lower part of her hair was thin, which was the most popular long BoBo hairstyle at present, which set off Amanda's white, slender neck and exquisite clavicle. Although her fair and plump face was fleshy, her chin was still pointed. Her hair which was dyed back to black makes her skin fairer.

Today, Amanda made a breakthrough, she also applied a little red lipstick.

She became beautiful totally.

She was pure and attractive.

Layne had never thought that such a word would be linked with Amanda. Looking at Amanda standing in front of him, he thought......

He had fallen in love with her.

Seeing that Layne was staring at her blankly, Amanda thought that she had become too exaggerated. She felt a little embarrassed. "What's wrong? Don't I look good?"

Layne brought back to himself and turned his head. His face was burning. "No, I almost didn't recognize you."

"Is it so exaggerated?" Amanda muttered.

Having arrived at parking lot of the underground, they got out of the car. On the way to the company, both Amanda and Layne felt that they attracted more admiring glances than usual, which made Amanda a little uncomfortable.

Before entering the company gate, Amanda saw Danny waiting for in front of the elevator.

It's been a long time.

She slowed down unconsciously.

Having seen that Danny entered the elevator, she relaxed and walked over with Layne.

Unexpectedly, Danny just moved a little bit and didn't enter the elevator, but Amanda couldn't saw him.

Having walked over, Amanda found that Danny was still standing there.

"Good morning, Mr. Danny." Layne greeted Danny.

"You are early too." Danny nodded politely. Danny took a squint at Amanda who was standing next to Layne, there was a vague flicker of emotion in his eyes. Following Danny's gaze, Jake also saw Amanda. He was shocked --

this girl had changed a lot.

Being stared at by Danny, Amanda was so nervous that she forgot to greet him.

At this time, Nana also arrived. Today, it was her turn to get up early to make morning coffee for everyone in the design department.

She could only see Amanda standing there from behind. Having recognized the hairstyle she designed for Amanda, she jumped at Amanda's back warmly. "Good morning, Amanda."

Then she found that there were three men around her, all looked weird.

But Nana didn't know that Amanda would have any connections with them. She was always enthusiastic and generous, and she was really Frank. She had never thought of flattering others. Jake had a certain impression on her. She was a beautiful woman without affectation.

But no matter what, having seen Danny at the staff meeting, Nana greeted, "Mr. Danny, Jake, you are also here."

Danny didn't know her and didn't have any reaction. However, Jake reacted and asked: "aren't you from the design department? How do you know Amanda? "

Nana also wondered how he had known such a nobody as Amanda. She said indifferently: "Amanda is staff in our department."

"Oh?" Being interested, Danny glanced at Layne and Amanda.

Amanda could only smile awkwardly.

When the private elevator for the deputy general manager or above arrived, Danny walked into first. It seemed that he should say to Jake, or to himself, or to someone else, "You are so fully fledged."

Amanda's heart was in a mess. She shouldn't have been so complacent. She attracted the attention of Danny as soon as she relaxed.

Since Layne had confirmed his love for Amanda, he felt a little unhappy when he saw Danny. He could tell that there was a hidden meaning in Danny's words, and the idea in his mind became clearer.

In the design department, Amanda and Nana made coffee together.

Nana thought of what had happened just now and asked, "Amanda, how did Jake know you?"

Amanda answered perfunctorily, "we met by chance."

"Oh, I see..." Nana didn't think too much. She never thought that this ordinary girl had such a deep relationship with Danny.

"Oh, by the way," Nana's eyes lit up. "Amanda, isn't this overcoat the latest style of Max family? This one looks great. I didn't thought you to be so generous. "

The clothes were bought by Jake last time. Amanda didn't know how much it was, but she could guess that it was worth a lot. Although it was a little wasteful to buy clothes without wearing them, she felt guilty when being seen by Jake and Danny today.

"Someone gave it to me."

"Someone gave it? How generous." Nana said enviously.

Having arrived, Horace glanced at Amanda for a few times and said slowly, "Nana is a good actress. In just one day, the ugly woman has become beautiful."

It seemed that Nana had helped others a lot before. But Amanda was a little depressed. Was she ugly before?

Did he also think she was ugly before? Recalling the abnormal expression on Layne's face this morning, she found that men were all visual animals.

However, as long as she looked better. She would not lose face if she went out with Layne in the future.

Alas... What was she thinking about.

Although laughing at her acracholia, Amanda still felt sweet.

'By the end of the year, I can hold on a little longer. I can resign soon. I must show him my heart at that time.'

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