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   Chapter 19 Trap

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Amanda insisted that she didn't need to be seen off by others. She didn't resign, but just went downstairs. She thought that it would make her new colleagues disgusted.

Carrying her suitcase, Amanda didn't take the elevator. She went downstairs and arrived at the door of the design department.

Standing at the door of the design department, Amanda was in a trance, as if time had returned to three months ago, when she came to the sales department at the first time.

A bad face appeared in Amanda's mind at the same time.

She didn't need to report such a trifle as being transferred to another department to Danny. 'Forget it. It's not easy for him not to make trouble for me recently. Don't hurl myself willingly into the net like that.' Amanda thought to herself.

The difference between the design department and the sales department was that most of the employees were pretty girls. Amanda was not a beauty in the first place, and she was even more mediocre among these beauties.

Amanda had foreseen her daily life in the future here.

When Amanda saw the director, she understood why the people in the sales department called him "sissy". A man in a flowery shirt, colored casual shorts, shiny shoes, and with long hair.

Before this, Amanda had always thought that everyone could only wear formal clothes in the company. Although the man in front of her had a handsome face, his words and behaviors were more charming than women.

"Are you Amanda?" The director squinted at Amanda.

Amanda muttered to herself, 'Layne is sure to not be a gay. But why does the director of the design department looked at me strangely as if I were his rival in love?'

"Yes," answered Amanda cautiously, "may I know your name?"

The sissy snorted, "didn't you know your boss's name before you came here?"

Amanda was speechless.

"Nana, tell her." The sissy signaled the tall beauty who brought Amanda in.

The beautiful woman was very kind and said, "Amanda, call the supervisor Horace from now on."

"Al..... ex......" Although Amanda used to study hard, her English was really bad.

When the sissy heard her pronunciation, he said with disgust, "All right, all right. Look at you, you are so stupid. You don't seem to be good at design. Did Layne coax me?"

With a sweet smile on her face, Nana tried to save Amanda from embarrassment. "Horace, don't judge a person by her appearance."

The sissy seemed to be in a better mood when he saw a beautiful woman. He turned around and left, "Nana, find someone to teach her."

Nana said enthusiastically, "You are Amanda, right? You can follow me these days."

Looking at Nana, Amanda sighed in her heart, 'God is so unfair. Some people are beautiful, kind and pleasing.'

In the morning, Amanda got familiar with the environment and business with the help of Nana. The skills she had performed in the sales department were really insignificant compared to those of the professional staff. Amanda knew that she had a lot to learn.

But on the other hand, she was afraid that if it was not as simple as she had imagined, she might not be able to hold on.

But when she thought of the expectant look in Layne's eyes when seeing her, she became more determined.

At noon, Amanda wanted to have lunch with Layne, but Nana asked Amanda to have lunch with her, saying that she wanted to let col

leagues and her know each other. Amanda thought she should go.

Layne looked at the message from Amanda, saying "I'll have lunch with the beautiful girls in my department this noon ......"

To his relief, it seemed that Amanda got along well with the people in the new department. Although Horace didn't make things difficult for her, somehow he felt empty in his heart.

Amanda was still conspicuous among a group of beautiful women in the design department.

She was "ordinarily" conspicuous.

"Amanda." Nana looked at her with a kind smile.


"Horace is weird..."

Nana seemed to have a hidden meaning in her words, but Amanda had seen it this morning and was mentally prepared. "Yes, I know."

Nana sighed. It seemed that Amanda still didn't understand what she meant "Amanda, you know that Horace is a designer and has a relatively aesthetic taste. HMM Let me put it this way. He just doesn't like people to be so pure like you. "

Now Amanda understood what Nana meant. Indeed, Amanda didn't dress up very often. She didn't wear the clothes that Jake bought for her last time, and her dyed brown hair had grown black. Although it was not obvious, it still affected the texture.

Then she looked at the other beauties in the design department. They all dressed nicely and were not tacky.

Seeing Amanda seemed to understand what she meant, Nana put her arm around her shoulder and said, "Amanda, we don't mean to dislike you. We used to be students who just graduated like you. How about we go shopping after work?"

Amanda didn't like shopping very much, but she keenly sensed that the other beautiful women's eyes lit up. She didn't want to disappoint them, not to mention that it was good for her, so she nodded.

When it was about to get off work in the evening, Amanda could feel the desire of the girls who had made an appointment to go shopping together.

She subconsciously touched her wallet in her pocket ---- her newly paid salary. She had to say goodbye to it again.

The girls warmly held Amanda's arm and they got on several cabs. Amanda observed their clothes secretly and thought that their clothes were expensive. Afraid that her salary would not be enough to pay for a dress, she whispered to Nana, "Nana, where are we going to go shopping later?"

Nana seemed to have seen through her worries. "I'll take you to a good place. The things are good and cheap."

'Cheap...... That's good.'

Even if she didn't know whether the word 'cheap' in Nana's eyes was the same as that in her eyes

When they arrived at a pedestrian street that she had never been to before, Nana warmly introduced it, "this is the foreign trade street. The clothes are all from the tail goods of brands. Many of them are of good quality and are affordable."

Amanda took a look at these shops. Each of them was small, but beautifully decorated, and their clothes were full.

It didn't cost much for the whole night, but everyone carried a lot of bags.

Nana looked satisfied. She looked at the new outfit of Amanda - a black high necked sweater dress, black over-knee boots, and a brown coat with white fur collar. She was cool and sweet.

Nana tilted her head and thought for a while. Then she took Amanda to a barber shop by the roadside.

'It's turned out that the trick of image transformation was the same.'

Amanda thought.

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