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   Chapter 18 Mystery

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Noticing that Amanda began to press and drag mouse in the app Photoshop, Andrew didn't understand and said, "Amanda, I have to go out to talk about business. Thank you for your help."

Without raising her head, Amanda said, "go ahead."

When Andrew came back in the afternoon, he turned on his computer and found that his PPT hadn't been changed at all. He thought that Amanda might be just bluffing, and in fact, he wasn't hopeful of that, but he still went to tease Amanda, "Amanda, you've modified the PPT for a whole day. Why haven't you changed it at all? Am I so careless that I cannot recognize the changes?"

Amanda looked up at him and asked, "what's on your table?"

Andrew went back to his desk in confusion and saw a printed and bound document on the desk.

The front cover was divided into several parts with a simple inclined flow line. The vertical title was on the right and the three-dimensional picture of the product was on the left.

When he opened the inner page, the text was rearranged and the key parts were distinguished with bold. Some of the diagrams were remade with relatively unified colors and fully adjusted in size, which were in good order and a lot of product details were added. It was clear.

The whole plan looked fresh and focused.

"What do you think?" Amanda walked to Andrew and asked.

Andrew nodded with satisfaction. He really underestimated her before. "Not bad. Amanda, you have real skills."

In fact, Amanda only knew a little about it, but she was much better than Andrew. She touched her hair with embarrassment and said, "Andrew, as long as you are satisfied, that's fine. I'm going to work."

Andrew showed the representative of his client the plan that night. Maybe it was because Andrew's previous plan was too obscene. The client was satisfied and signed the contract that night.

Andrew was a talkative and honest man. Amanda had helped him a lot, and he really wanted to boast it to the whole world. In the early morning, he publicized the "heroic deeds" of Amanda in his office.

"Amanda, not bad." Layne praised her.

Since then, the men of the sales department often came to Amanda to modify the plan. Amanda was so busy that she had no time to be the assistant to Layne. She has become the assistant of the whole sales department.

"Amanda." One day, when Layne and Amanda had dinner together, Amanda was absorbed in appreciating a beautiful picture. Layne looked at her plaintively.

"What?" Amanda raised her head in confusion. As more and more people came to her for help, she felt that the skills that she used to know was not enough. It seemed that she really needed to keep learning. Amanda got her salary and bought a lot of new books, such as "From the Entry to Mastery in Photoshop", "Modern Design" and so on, which covered many areas

Both Amanda and Layne had a crush on each other, but the two of them were not bold. They both do not expose their confession, but they often had dinner together. Layne would also pick up Amanda home as well.

Their relationship was more intimate than friends and less intimate than lovers.

Amanda also enjoyed this kind of hidden happiness.

As for Danny, he didn't make trouble for Amanda recently. The designated time of half of a year was over a half, Amanda's freedom and happiness were coming.

Layne looked at Amanda deeply. He liked to work with her very much, but now he saw some shining advantages of her, and Amanda didn't know it yet. He couldn't bury such a star for his own selfish desire.

"How about you working in the design department?"

However, Amanda didn't understand what h

e was thinking about. She was stunned for a few seconds and her eyes turned red all of a sudden. "Layne, do you want to fire me?"

"Oh, how could it be? Silly girl, I just think you are more suitable for the job there." Layne explained.

Biting her lower lip, Amanda felt wronged and did not speak.

"Don't you want to have some skills?" During this period of time, Amanda also revealed her thoughts. "I think design is more suitable for your job than sales."

Amanda hesitated, "but..."

Layne continued, "There are some things that can't be achieved although you are hard-working at it. You have a talent for design. As long as you develop it, you will be brilliant. Why do you waste your talent? Don't blame me for being too straightforward. If you work in the sales department, you may never have chance to be prominent. "

Layne was different from those glib men who always said "don't work. I support you". It was the best state for the two to make progress together.

He hoped that he could make Amanda a better person.

Amanda thought what he said was reasonable, but she had only been in the company for three months. It was not easy for her to gain a foothold in a department which was very human, and there were people she cared about here. If she went to a new department, she didn't know whether her colleagues were easy to get along with. Amanda's heart was full of fear of the unknown and her reluctance to Layne. "But, I don't want to...... I don't want to leave my colleagues in the sales department. "

Layne smiled and stretched out his hand to rub her hair. "It's not that we can't see each other. We can have dinner together and go to and off work together in the future as well."

Since the words were so romantic, Amanda blushed and explained, "I'm talking about the colleagues in the sales department instead of you."

Layne smiled without saying anything.

Andy was sitting at a table near them, but she was ignored by the two people who were only flirting. Hearing the conversation between the two, she shook her head with disappointment.

'Some people deserved to be single.'

The two supervisors had negotiated with each other about the transfer of department members and informed the personnel department. Layne had a good relationship with the director of the design department. After informing him in advance, he arranged for Amanda to get in.

All the men in the sales department were reluctant to let Amanda leave, who was an expert in artificial PS. They cursed Layne in their hearts. Didn't he like Amanda very much? Why did he let her go?

In particular, it was rare for Andrew to be shy. He asked, "Amanda, can I ask you for help in the design department in the future?"

Amanda was amused by him. "Of course you can. The design department is downstairs. You can call me at any time. But I have to work in the design department last night. Otherwise, the director is not as easy-going as Layne, and I will be scolded."

Andrew smiled and said, "Don't worry, Amanda. If that sissy director in the design department dares to bully you, I'll go downstairs and teach him a lesson right away."

Andy said to her: "Minnie Mandy, don't you know that the director of the design department has a good relationship with Layne...... Many people thought they are...... They are...... "

"What?" Amanda didn't hear the last few words clearly and looked confused, but the other people in the sales department all snickered. She also understood.

Amanda nodded and peeked at Layne meaningfully. She muttered, "Don't judge a person by his appearance. Don't judge a person by his appearance..."

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