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When Amanda and Layne walked into the company, talking and laughing, they saw Danny walking in front of them.

Amanda thought to herself, 'Enemies often cross each other's path'.

Layne greeted Danny frankly, "Hello, Mr. Danny."

Danny stopped and glanced at them coldly, "Ok." Feeling the cold gaze from Danny, Amanda mumbled, "Hello, Mr. Danny."

"Ok," said Danny in a calm tone. "Did you come together?"

When Layne was about to say something, Amanda answered first, "I just met him."

Layne glanced at her and said nothing.

Staring at Amanda, Danny nodded and went away.

Every time she met Danny, Amanda was inexplicably nervous. As soon as he left, she recovered as usual.

But why did she feel that she was cheating on him.

Seeing that they were together again, Danny knew that this girl was at her first awakening of love. Although he didn't lack woman, his desire for control was aroused again.

As the saying goes, a forcible relationship is not fine, but Danny felt as if this immature melon had a different taste.

Layne fulfilled his promise and showed some preliminary sales documents to Amanda. "Don't leave your work behind."

Amanda answered in succession. Anyway, it was boring to watch TV after work. It was better to spend some time to enrich herself.

Seeing that she was satisfied, Layne thought it was funny. "Come on, I'm going to have a meeting."

As soon as Layne left, Andy popped out from nowhere. She looked at Amanda with her big eyes full of gossip and said, "tell me, how does your relationship with Layne progress?"

Amanda was shocked. She thought that Andy had known something. "What's the progress? What nonsense are you talking about?"

Andy looked at her suspiciously, "the two of you flirt with each other. How can it escape my eyes?"

Amanda felt relieved, knowing that Andy doesn't have any real evidence. "What are you talking about? Andy, are you sensitive to other people's affairs as you have been single for a long time?"

"Amanda, I'm going to strangle you." Andy pretended to be aggressive and was about to pounce on her.

This time, Amanda managed to muddle through.

"Minnie Mandy, you are getting more and more talkative recently. Is it because you have developed to show your real features under the pure appearance?" As she spoke, she bent down and patted Amanda on her buttock.

Although Amanda was no longer physically pure, she was still a little girl mentally. Pretending to be angry, she said, "Andy!"

Andy stopped and said, "Okay, I won't make fun of you anymore."

Looking at her receding figure, Amanda wondered, 'have I really changed recently? It seemed that she was better at joking than before

Walking out of the door of the director's office, Andy suddenly leaned her head in and said, "Layne is a good man. Minnie Mandy, come on!"

Before Amanda could reply, Andy disappeared.

Fortunately, no one else heard it, or else it would be embarrassing

But...... Even if she was single, would Layne love her? If they really became lovers...... Amanda could imagine how the single men in the sales department would make fun of Layne.

"Okay, Layne. Even the rabbit doesn't eat the grass on the edge of its den."

"No wonder you let Amanda be your assistant. It turns out to be a hidden rule."

"Layne, you are so unkind. There are so many men under your leadership, but you take the single woman away surrounded us. Aren't you afraid of causing public indignation


Amanda could also imagine the complacent and scheming smile on Layne's face.

She giggled.

"Amanda, didn't I tell you to do your job well? You're going too far. You giggled during working hours. "

It was Layne. Didn't he go to the meeting? Did she miss him so much as to have such an illusion?

No, there was a living man in front of her. It was a person standing in front of her.

Amanda immediately sat upright and said, "Layne...... Layne, didn't you go to the meeting? "

Layne rolled his eyes at her and showed the documents in his hand, "I'm back to take the documents. I've been staying with you, a silly assistant. I've become a fool too."

Amanda lowered her head and smiled shyly.

"Do you just know smiling? It's my assistant who is responsible for the preparation of the materials. If you continue to neglect your duty like this, I'll fire you. "

"Don't do that, Layne. I know I was wrong. You should go to the meeting now. You are going to be late. I won't do that next time."

"Next time..."

"No, No. It won't happen again. Bye, Layne!"

Layne had no choice but to go to the meeting. This girl was becoming more and more glib.

In an unnoticeable corner, Andy, who had seen through everything, shook her head helplessly. 'These two people looked quite serious apparently, and they both revealed their true natures when facing each other.' It was abnormal. Although Amanda said there was nothing happened, something would happen sooner or later.

Immersed in her longing for the future, Amanda couldn't expect that her future was still decided as if determined by the prophet. Something was destined to happen between her and Layne.

As the name suggested, "sales" could be regarded as sales promotion.

However, Amanda was afraid of strangers. She was annoyed by those flattering and selling tactics.

It seemed that it was not an easy thing to become a business expert. The first difficulty she had to overcome was herself.

Looking at the documents given by Layne, Amanda felt a headache and held her forehead.

On the second day, when Amanda went to work, she saw that Andrew didn't go out for business, instead, he sat at his desk and looked at the PPT, feeling it a hard nut to crack.

Amanda greeted him, "Andrew, you're in a good mood. Sit in the morning to keep healthy."

Amanda felt that she had become much more optimistic.

The others were also very busy. It was not easy to see an idler, Amanda, to come. Andrew grabbed her and began to pour some bitter water. "Amanda, don't mention it. I'm so worried about it. I'm in a bad mood."

"What's wrong?" Amanda had planned to ask this sophisticate to teach her sales skills, so now she would please him.

"I have received a big deal, but the customer requires a perfect plan. I only provide them with high-quality goods and services, and I don't care about their plans at all. They are deliberately making things difficult for me, aren't they? "

"Plan?" Amanda came closer to have a look.

In fact, it was just a PPT, but the model used by Andrew was really primitive. He almost modified the content of word.

"How about me help you with it?" Amanda suggested.

When she was in the university community, Amanda had also learned some PS technology. She was very interested in it, but she didn't study it deeply. But it must be better than what Andrew had learned.

She could design a nice cover.

"You?" Andrew looked at Amanda suspiciously.

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