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   Chapter 16 Happiness Is Ahead

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"Let me send you there." Said Layne.

Amanda shook her head and said, "No, no. you can lend me two dollars."

Amanda was very obedient, but no one could change her mind if she had made a decision.

Layne had no choice but to find a twenty dollar for Amanda. Tilting her head, Amanda thought for a few seconds, and then ran into a convenience store on the roadside.

After a while, Amanda came out with a lot of changes in her hands. The bus happened to pass by. In a hurry, Amanda stuffed the money into Layne's hand and ran to the bus.

Layne also took a few steps forward. Amanda caught up with the bus and sat down in the back low. Having opened the window, Amanda waved at Layne: "Goodbye, Mr. Layne. Thank you!"

Layne also smiled and waved at her.

"Close the window. Nowadays, young couples are too love-dovey that they don't care about other people's feelings at all." A woman in the bus held her plump body in down coat tightly. And complained.

Having stuck out her tongue embarrassingly, Amanda closed the window.

After the bus had been far away, Layne was still holding the stack of changes and giggling in the air.

Keeping simile, Layne felt a bit silly. Having shrugged and kicked the stone on the roadside, Layne left as if nothing had happened.

The bus was driven on the flat ground, but it was still wobbling. The alcohol made Amanda sleepy. She leaned her head against the cold glass and hit the ground with the wobbling of the bus.

Squinting her eyes, Amanda looked at the view of the street that was receding slowly.

Holding hands, a young couple was walking closely under the street lamps.

A simple happiness was something that Amanda couldn't expect.

Amanda suddenly felt ridiculous. The freedom and dignity of a living person was only worth half a million dollars.

Was her dignity and freedom worth half a million dollar only?

Then, was she worth half a million?

Half a million for half a year? It seemed that she was worth a lot of money.

Yes. An idea occurred to Amanda suddenly.

The agreement she had made with Danny is valid for half a year only. After half a year, she was free again.

At that time, she would resign and take another stable job. Then she would confess her love to Layne.

Whether he accepted it or not, she had to have a try.

There was a hope in life of a sudden. She had to work harder in the future. Only with one skill, she could have a better foothold in another position.

With a rare good mood, Amanda hummed a tune and went to the hospital.

Bill and her mother had planned to go to bed, and didn't expect that Amanda would come at this time. They were still very happy. Bill looked at Amanda with satisfaction and said: "our Amanda seems to have become beautiful, and can dress up. My daughter has grown up."

Amanda didn't care much about appearance, and she had no idea whether she was beautiful or not. But she had a little secret in her mind now. So when having heard others praise her beauty, she was secretly happy and touched her face unconsciously.

Well, it felt soft.

Amanda was amused by her shameless idea.

Having seen their daughter's silly look, Bill and her mother smiled at each other.

Bill had some misgivings at first. But considering that his daughter had grown up and was not a fool, she must have her own plan, he stopped asking.

Bill's ward was a double room, there was no one living on another bed. The nurse also acquiesced that her mother could sleep on the bed for time being. At night, Amanda and her mother co

uld sleep on the same bed.

The three of them began their long lost night chat. Bill was recovering well and wanted to leave the hospital.

Knowing that her father was worried about money, Amanda comforted him, "Dad, don't worry. I've grown up. It's time for me to repay you, I can earn money. The most important thing for you is to take good care of yourself."

Her mother also echoed, "Yes, Amanda is right. You should take good care of yourself once. Don't leave any root of your disease. It will be more troublesome to do the work over and over again every two or three days."

Bill spat, "Bah, old woman, don't say anything dejected."

But it was obvious that Bill was getting better. They felled asleep with a relaxed mood.

The hospital was a little far from the company. Amanda had been waiting for the bus in the early morning.

When having arrived downstairs, Amanda saw a black Passat. She didn't know much about cars, but she had been in Layne's car. When seeing the same car, she couldn't help looking at it a few more times.

Unexpectedly, the car door being opened, Layne really came out of the car.

Amanda couldn't believe her eyes. "Mr. Layne, why are you here?"

Layne curled his lips and said, "I come with my sister for the prenatal checkups."

"Where is your sister?"

"My brother-in-law went in with her."

Layne was such a blockhead. But once he came to his senses, it would be great.

In fact, it was Abby who came for the prenatal checkups today, but Abby's husband was free this time and could accompany her. But there must be something wrong with Layne today. He insisted on coming with them by driving two cars separately, which were called "escort.

Abby knew what he was thinking, but she didn't expose it and let him come with her.

This hospital was famous for its obstetrics and gynecology. They needed to come to the hospital early in the morning. Layne was happy for this.

In fact, he had been waiting here for a long time.

Amanda got on the car.

It's so great to see the person you want to see in the early morning.

"Why do you always giggle?" Layne teased, looking at Amanda in the passenger seat.

"What?" Amanda didn't know how to smooth things over, so she changed the topic. "Mr. Danny, from now on, arrange some difficult work for me please."

Layne was surprised, "Difficult work? What kind of the work? Do you think it's too easy to live now? "

"No, no," Amanda quickly waved her hand. "It's just the work you do. I also want to have a try and challenge myself."

Layne gave her a meaningful look and said, "This is not the scope of an assistant's work. What? Do you want to usurp the power?"

"Mr. Layne..."

Having seen that the little girl's' lips compressing into a line, Layne smiled and said, "Well, I'll let you do it. For the special of you in the Department, but I will not increase your salary. "

"Okay, I know it. Thank you, Mr. Layne!"

Amanda was so excited that she almost jumped up from her seat.

Layne hurriedly said, "Sit tight and pay attention on driving safely."

"Yes, sir!"

Was there anything happier than going to work in the car with the one she loved, and working with him and growing up?

All of a sudden, Amanda felt that meeting Danny was a test to her. She would get the true love after passing the test.

According to the current situation, Danny would come to her at most once a month. In other words, she would be able to pursue her own happiness four times later.

The nightmare began to count down, and happiness was ahead.

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