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   Chapter 15 So Cute

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If there was a hole in the ground at this time, Amanda would surely get into it as soon as possible.

Without even looking at it, Amanda could feel the coldness in Danny's eyes. Candy, on the other hand, was dissatisfied and arrogant. She didn't have the reservedness that a goddess should have. She snorted and walked out.

Lowering her head, Amanda didn't dare to run or move. When Candy walked past her, she hit Amanda's shoulder ruthlessly.

How could time passed so slowly? Amanda felt that every minute and second seemed to be frozen, and she was very uncomfortable.

"What should you do now?" Danny's voice came from above.

Amanda looked up at him carefully.

"I'm...... I'm sorry... "

Although Danny was cold and indifferent, he wouldn't be unresponsive when facing beautiful women as a normal man.

But Candy was a beautiful woman who took the initiative to approach men like most women, which made Danny feel bored.

But now the innocent little demon in front of him could be a better choice for him to have sex with.

"Is that all?"

"I I... "

Before Amanda could finish speaking, she was pressed against the wall by Danny, with her lips kissed by him

Amanda struggled. Danny was hurt by her teeth, but he was not angry. He looked at her eyes with a smile and said, "Have you forgotten how you promised me when you borrowed the 500, 000 from me?"

Amanda stopped struggling and murmured, "someone is here..."

After all, it was a public place. She was not as bold as Candy.

Danny sneered as if he was amused by her. Tonight, he was very patient and took Amanda's thoughts into account ——

He pulled her into the cubicle.

What a unique taste Mr. Danny had to put on such a romantic drama to have sex with a woman in the cubicle!

All of a sudden, Danny thought that George would say to him like that.

George was one of the few friends of Danny, and Danny hadn't seen George for a long time. Why did he think of George at this time? What a killjoy!

Danny kissed Amanda with satisfaction and then a little displeasure.

Like a dead body, Amanda neither responded nor resisted, which made Danny feel bored.

"Hey, Layne, what did Mr. Danny say to you just now?"

"Nothing. He just praised our department for doing a good job."

"Hey, that's because you are a good leader."

The voice of Layne and a colleague of the sales department came from outside.

Danny keenly felt that the woman in his arms frozen and he pinched her waist like a prank. Amanda almost cried out in pain, but fortunately she stopped in time.

The two people were getting closer and closer to the two people. That colleague even pushed the door of the cubicle where Amanda and Danny were in and asked, "is anyone there?"

Danny and Amanda looked at each other face to face. Amanda looked at him nervously and didn't say anything. She was afraid that Danny would suddenly do something amazing.

If Danny responded or opened the door to let Layne see the scene inside. It would be futile to argue anything for herself

Fortunately, Danny was not stupid enough to slander himself for a temporary revenge.

The colleague just asked casually. Seeing that no one answered, he went to the next cubicle.

Finally, they left. Amanda felt that all her muscles and bones were taken away. She didn't care about anything and collapsed into the arms of Danny.

Looking at the white and clean side face of the girl in his arms, Danny thought, 'this girl is neither good-looking nor pleasing. Why does my eyes always follow her?' Was it just because she looked like Sabella?

Leaning her head against the chest of Danny, Amanda closed her eyes. Her mind went blank and she didn't want to think about anything.

Her soft brown hair shone softly in the light. Her fair face was covered with a hazy halo, and her long eyelashes trembled faintly. She looks like an injured little beast.

'She was so cute.'

Danny's heart softened and he put his hand over Amanda's head.

Amanda was shocked by the sudden warmth.

"Don't think about others when you are with me."

Said Danny.

"Brother, you can only play with me. You are not allowed to play with others."

"Brother, you are mine."


Danny just only drank a few glasses of wine symbolically, but now he felt that he had drunk a lot of wine of a thousand years.

He felt dizzy and dizzy.

The cold and ruthless Danny disappeared at the moment. The gentle Danny seemed to come back again.

'Sabella, if you give me one more chance, I won't let you go.

If you see me now, will you feel strange, disgusted, or heartbroken?'

Danny slowly released Amanda and said, "You can go back."

Amanda raised her head and looked at him in confusion. She didn't know what was wrong with Danny.

Danny opened the door and went out. Amanda calmed down and walked out after making sure there was no one outside.

Amanda ran into the lady's restroom and saw herself in the mirror. Her lips were red and swollen, and her face was flushed. She quickly turned on the tap and poured cold water into her face.

When she calmed down, she took out several cosmetics that Jake bought her last time, simply fixed makeup, and then walked out.

Coincidentally, she met Candy again. Amanda didn't know how to face her and quickly walked over with her eyes down.

But out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Candy looking at her strangely.

When she returned to the banquet, the lights had been turned down, and people from all departments were performing on the stage in turn.

Amanda breathed a sigh of relief. No one noticed her and she found a seat in the corner.

It was not until the end that she saw Layne walking towards her. "Why are you sitting in such a remote place? No wonder I couldn't find you for the whole night."

It turned out that he cared about her. Amanda thought.

Although it was not snowing outside, it was still very cold. Amanda tightened her coat.

"Let me drive you home." Layne smiled gently.

"No, thanks. I want to go to the hospital tonight." It seemed that she hadn't seen her father for a long time and she felt a little guilty.

When Layne was about to say that he would take Amanda to the hospital, Amanda spoke first, "the hospital is in the opposite direction. I can take a bus by myself. I can catch the last bus. "

"All right." Layne didn't push her too hard. He watched Amanda turning around and walking towards the bus station.

Suddenly, Amanda turned around and stood in front of Layne with a slightly red face. Seeing her like this, Layne almost thought she was going to confess her love to him.

"Well, I'm really sorry. Do you have any changes or bus cards?"

Layne burst into laughter.

This girl was so cute.

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