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   Chapter 14 How Dare You

Surreal Super Adoration By JAYLEE PETERS Characters: 7015

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Amanda didn't know when she fell asleep. When she got up again, she only felt ache all over her body.

Amanda didn't want to recall what had happened last night. She had to cheer up and live a good life on a new day.

Everyone in the sales department, who had been drunk the day before, got up early as usual and was busy with energy.

Although it was not the official working time, almost everyone had come. With a stack of documents in his hands, Layne was about to go out for business. When having happened to see Amanda at work, he greeted, "Good morning. Did you feel uncomfortable after drinking too much last night?"

Amanda should have been very happy to be accosted by Layne, but she couldn't help thinking of what Danny had said.

How can a woman like you pursue love?

Her mood fell back to the bottom of the valley. She forced a smile and said, "Good morning, Mr. Layne. I'm going to work."

Layne felt that she was weird. But thinking that she just didn't have a good rest, he didn't ask more.

On Wednesday, the Secretary Department suddenly sent someone to deliver a message that the president was going to invite everyone to dinner and the whole company should arrive.

Being a workaholic, Danny was not approachable at all. It was difficult for everyone to see him usually. What happened to him?

Only Andy was very excited. She thought that her dream that day was really a good omen. Her prince charming was coming to pick her up.

In front of such an innocent elder girl, Amanda felt a little ashamed. If she knew that she had a dirty deal with Danny, would she feel that her world view collapsed?

Amanda didn't want to go, but the superior had given a forced order. She thinking of so many people in the company, even if she went, Danny might not notice her.

Now that she had come, she should be at ease.

The super banquet hall on the top floor of the company was enough to hold all people of company. The exquisite snacks made Amanda forget her troubles temporarily. She picked up pieces of cake one by one.

Layne was chatting with people in other departments. When having caught a glimpse of the silly girl, he couldn't help but pull the corners of his mouth.

Seeing her like this, he wanted to tease her. Having sent the people around him away, Layne went to Amanda and touched her shoulder. "Is it delicious?"

Amanda was startled. Seeing that it was Layne, she nodded shyly when her mouth was filled with cake.

At this time, the sound rang. As the host of this activity, Candy the most beautiful girl in the public relations department, wearing a long champagne gauze dress, was attracting many men's attention.

After a polite greeting, Candy finally got to the topic. "Well, next, let's warmly welcome the sponsor of this activity, Mr. Danny, to make a speech."

After a burst of warm applause, Danny in a suit went on the stage. He looked around with his cold eyes. Amanda heard many girls beside her were gasping in surprise, "he is so handsome."

Danny chuckled. Maybe having thought too much, Amanda felt that it seemed to be a hint of banter in his smile. "I have nothing to say. I wish you enjoy yourselves and have fun. You all work harder in the future."

Whatever powerful people said would cause a warm response. When Danny stepped down the stage, the people in front of him made way for him.

He was getting closer and closer.

Seeing that Danny was about to come to her.

Lowering her head, Ama

nda poked the tiramisu on the plate. The delicate cakes had been poked beyond recognition. Amanda could see her trembling hands.

The shiny leather shoes really stopped in front of her eyes.

Amanda felt difficult to breathe.

"I heard that you had done a good job in the sales department." It was the voice of Danny.

What the hell? Being confused, Amanda couldn't help looking up and found that Danny was not talking to her at all. He was talking to Layne.

Seeing his boss, Layne said neither humble nor pushy, "you're welcome, Mr. Danny. I just have done my job."

Danny smiled meaningfully again, "Keeping work hard."

Layne nodded slightly. Being about to move forward, he stopped and said casually, "I heard that the sales department often gather together. Next time call me, I want to join you. I also want to be a kind boss. "

His words sounded a little threatening.

Being no expression on his face, Layne said, "It's our honor to welcome you at any time if you want."

The footsteps of the expensive custom-made leather shoes from Italy faded away.

Amanda was relieved finally. Feeling that the atmosphere was a bit awkward, she took the initiative to say, "What's worry with Mr. Danny?"

Layne knew what was going on, but he didn't want Amanda to be embarrassed. He smiled brightly and said, "I don't know. Maybe he thinks that our team has a good performance and wants to reward us."

"Oh, I see." Amanda still felt guilty. Lowering her head and looking around, she was not daring to look into Layne's bright eyes.

"The pudding over there seems good. Let's go and have a taste." Layne suggested.

It was already a blessing in disguise that Danny didn't embarrass her. So when having hear of the delicious food, Amanda's eyes lit up. "Great, let's go."

Layne keenly captured the flash of light.

He always felt that he was an indifferent person to everything except for his career. But at this moment, he had an impulse to protect the light in Amanda's eyes regardless of all consequences.

Maybe it was because of his heart, his long-lasting frozen tenderness, or maybe it was because of the infighting between men.

All in all, it was the first time that Layne had a special feeling for a woman after graduating from high school.

Perhaps having drunk too much beverage, Amanda had been trying to go to the bathroom. But finally she caught the opportunity to slip out.

However, there were some disharmonious sounds coming from the bathroom. Subconsciously, Amanda walked quietly and approached to have a look. She couldn't help covering her mouth with her hands to prevent herself from screaming.

On the wash basin in the men's room, a sexy scene was taking place.

Candy who was well-dressed, noble and elegant, was now kissing Danny passionately like a thirsty and dissatisfied woman.

There were so many people attending the party. Although no one passed by at the moment, it was inevitable that someone like Amanda who need to take a piss would come to the rest room. How could they be so bold?!

Danny looked as if he had been raped.

Candy's hands began to move to an indescribable place. Amanda knew that it was not appropriate to stay here for a long time, so she wanted to go downstairs to the bathroom.

It could be said that the weather was unpredictable.

Damn it! When stepping back, Amanda knocked over the cleaning tools at the door.

The illicit lovers inside were disturbed and looked over.

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