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   Chapter 13 Who Cares

Surreal Super Adoration By JAYLEE PETERS Characters: 6859

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After having several drinks, everyone's eyes were blurred with drunkenness. Although it was the first time for Amanda to drink, she had a good capacity for liquor and was relatively sober.

The gathering ended. It was the first time that Amanda had come to join in the sales department gathering.

Everyone had left. Only Amanda and Layne stood face to face in the cold wind.

"Where is your home? Let me drive you home."

It suddenly snowed, but Amanda didn't feel cold at all.

Layne drove here today, so he didn't drink.

Layne's car was a Passat, but the interior environment was very neatly decorated.

The air conditioner in the car was on. When it was halfway down the road, Amanda asked, "isn't my home too far from yours?"

Layne looked carefully at the road ahead. The snow outside the window was still fluttering. "Not far. It's quite close to my home."

On the way, Amanda didn't say anything. She secretly glanced at Layne, who was driving carefully. He was not a handsome man, but a delicate and clean boy.

Just like her first love in college.

Perhaps it was because she had never been in love, Amanda felt that she couldn't help falling love with him.

Driven by the alcohol, Amanda almost blurted out her love confession.

Finally, they arrived downstairs of her home. Amanda wanted to say what she wanted to say.

But would he think that she was too frivolous?

After all, they had just known each other for a short time, so they didn't have any interaction.

The car door was closed. A gust of cold wind blew from nowhere, and Amanda suddenly woke up.

"Thank you." She ran away.

Standing on the ground covered with a thin layer of snow, she saw Layne's car light fade away.

If could be empowered by the wine for a long time, she would be brave to express her confession.

As the saying goes, "when you watch the scenery from the bridge, the sightseer watched you from the balcony."

Amanda stood by the road and looked at Layne who was walking away. Meanwhile, another person was looking at her with his cold eyes upstairs.

She opened the door. The heating in the room was not very sufficient, but it was okay. Depressed, Amanda fumbled for the light by the door, took off her shoes, and was stunned when she walked forward.

'Why was he here?'

Danny's face darkened. He sat on the sofa in the living room, incompatible with the surrounding environment.

"Why... Why are you here?" Still suffering from the shock, Amanda patted her chest.

Danny sneered, "where have you been?"

"For a department dinner..." It was a normal social contact, but she felt a little guilty.

Danny stood up, walked up to her and pinched Amanda's chin tightly.

Amanda gasped in pain.

Danny said word by word fiercely, "do you really think you can fool several men with your exceedingly beautiful appearance?"

"No, I didn't." Amanda frowned. The pain in her chin almost made her cry.

"I hope so." Danny loosened his grip on her chin, but still looked sullen. He lifted her up and walked towards the bedroom.

As her clothes were pulled down rudely, Amanda almost heard the sound of tearing. She closed her eyes in despair, allowing Danny to abuse her body.

"Look at me." Danny ordered her.

Feeling ashamed, Amanda turned her face away from him. Danny turned her face away by hand and said, "look at me."

Amanda was forced

to look at him. Seeing that Danny was undulating on her body expressionlessly, Danny put forth his strength. As a normal woman, Amanda had some reaction. Although she tried hard to restrain herself, she still showed it.

Danny sneered, "You look at yourself. How can a woman like you pursue love?"

Amanda didn't understand why Danny humiliated her like this. She just borrowed money from him.

Could money buy a person's dignity?

Obviously, Amanda had no dignity at the moment.

Fortunately, he didn't know.

Thinking of Layne, a trace of tear streaked across the corner of Amanda's eyes.

"I'm not qualified to miss him." Amanda thought to herself.

Danny noticed all the subtle changes in Amanda's facial expressions and ravaged her even harder.

He knew it would snow today.

It was snowy day when Sabella left.

All of a sudden, Danny felt lonely. He wanted this woman to accompany with him, but she was drinking and having fun with a group of men.

In the eyes of outsiders, Danny was a cold and ruthless man with a strong desire of control. But in fact, this was a sign of his lack of security. He liked the feeling that everything was under his control. Once something or someone wanted to break free from his control, he would be extremely uneasy.

He didn't want to admit this kind of uneasiness. He could only use revenge to make the other party remember the price of leaving him.

He was a sunny boy in the past. When was he changed like this?

'Sabella...... After Sabella left, he became more and more ruthless.

Thinking of her sweet smile, Danny felt depressed and tightened his strength.

After being released, there was an endless void.

No matter how much they looked like, she was not Sabella

Danny stood up and left. Amanda lay on the bed stiffly, staring at the ceiling and crying. Her bare arms were exposed outside.

The heating was not enough, and the room was still cold. The fine hair on Amanda's arms stood up, but she felt so tired that she had no strength to cover herself with the quilt.

After changing his clothes, Danny was about to go out when he saw the woman lying on the bed in the bedroom, lifeless, exposing herself in the air.

Somehow, he went into the bedroom and covered Amanda with quilt.

Amanda was still expressionless, without blinking her eyes.

Danny felt annoyed. He knew she was innocent, but she was cheap either. The kind of woman who could sell herself just for money.

She was just like those women around him.

At this moment, Danny felt an impulse to hug her to sleep.

But when they got up the next day, how would they face each other? In fact, Danny was also afraid of embarrassment.

He impatiently reached out his hand to close Amanda's eyes, turned around and went downstairs, disappearing in the snow.

What would she think if she knew what he had experienced?

Amanda was so tired that she didn't want to open her eyes, but inevitably thought of Layne.

The sex without love made her want to die in humiliation, but when she thought of her aged parents and Layne with slight smile, who were still worthy of.

She had to live on.

In her dream, Amanda saw a group of young models, actresses and socialite divas surrounded accusing her, "Why are you not satisfied with being favored by a man like Mr. Danny. I'm even willing to take advantage of him."

Who cares.

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