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   Chapter 12 Scourge

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"By the way, Amanda, if you still want to ask for leave in the future, just tell me. The most important thing is to take care of your father." Layne enjoined her after handing over the work of Amanda these days.

In her mind, he was considerate. For her, he was more and more favorable.

Amanda felt that life was full of hope and vitality again.

It was another busy morning.

Near noon, a female colleague of the same department, Andy Ai, came to ask Amanda to print the materials. Andy was already thirty years old this year, but she didn't have a boyfriend. In fact, she was good-looking and had a good character, but perhaps it was her high requirements for choosing a spouse that made her single all the time.

There were not many female colleagues in the sales department. As a warm-hearted, talkative and girlish person, Andy had a good relationship with Amanda in a short time.

When Amanda was typesetting the documents, Andy sighed.

Noticing that she had something to say, Amanda asked, "Andy, why are you sighing?"

With a bright smile, she said, "Hee hee, Minnie Mandy, I might meet my Mr. right."

Amanda also smiled. Andy often said that she had met some handsome man and that he was her Mr. Right, but she was still single. "Who is it this time?"

"What? It's true this time. Do you know who I met this morning?"

"Who is it? Your Mr. Charm?"


Upon hearing the name, Amanda shivered.

Andy was immersed in her beautiful fantasy and didn't notice the change of Amanda's expression. She said, "Do you know that I dreamed of him last night, and then this morning, as soon as I entered the company, I saw him. Do you know how difficult it is to see Danny? But today... "

"Last time I read a book saying that if I saw the person in my dream, I would always be together with him. Do you think it's fate? " Andy continued.

Amanda was seemed to on a different planet -- if she saw the person in her dream, they would always be together

Last night, she dreamed about Layne. The first person she saw this morning was him. Was it the fate?

Maybe Layne was sent by God to save her messy life

But...... She also dreamed about Danny, always bringing bad luck.

"Minnie Mandy, are you listening?" Seeing that she was absent-minded, Andy pushed her arm.

Amanda came to her senses and said, "Oh, I'm listening. Andy, I've already typed up your documents."

Taking over the materials, Andy looked at Amanda suspiciously and asked, "Minnie Mandy, is there anything on your mind?"

Amanda hurriedly waved her hand and said, "No, no. Andy, please go back quickly. It's time to come off duty and have dinner."

Andy looked at her a few more times and walked away. She mumbled, "Minnie Mandy has grown up."

Amanda went back to her seat and touched her face with the back of her hand.

Wow, it's so hot.

Although Amanda had sex with Danny, she hadn't been in love yet.

She didn't know how to begin to be in love. All she knew was that she seemed to fall in love with Layne.

But she didn't know whether Layne liked her or not, but she always felt that Layne treated her a little differently from others.

It was said that a person who had been single for a long time would even choose a name for their child when he gave her a glance.

Did she also think so? Was she narcissistic? Or was it just a mutually induction between lovers?

Today was the first day of the month. According to the rules of the sales department, the party would be held on the first day of each month. It was aimed to reward their hard work last month and encourage them to work har

der in the next month.

No wonder everyone was in high spirits at work today. Even a dull person like Amanda could faintly feel a grudge atmosphere.

When it was time to get off work, everyone had already finished their work in advance and begun to discuss where to go for the party.

Someone suggested that a new buffet Korean barbecue was good, and no one had any objection.

Amanda agreed with it. After all, the budget of the buffet could be certain and wouldn't be over-spending too much.

Life was a heavy blow to this young girl. She should have been carefree and enjoyed the love of her parents, but she had learned to live on a budget in advance.

Although it was a newly opened shop, most people were probably immersed in the shadow of gray Monday. They weren't in a mood to go out for dinner, and there were only a few people in the shop.

Layne asked the owner's wife to make several tables in the innermost part of the shop so that everyone could have dinner together lively, which would not affect others.

Although Layne looked cold and indifferent in normal times, he was attentive to details.

After drinking a few glasses of beer, the coldness in their whole body had been dispersed. The atmosphere became lively. Although the price of the roasted meat in this restaurant was not expensive, it was quite good. Especially the beef ribs here were very delicious. The flavor was moderate, and the meat was tender. Amanda ate one piece after another, thinking that she would take her parents to eat here when her father became better.

All of a sudden, Andrew, who was also in the Sales Department, said, "Amanda is a newcomer. She usually looks gentle and quiet. I didn't expect her to eat like a horse."

Everyone burst into laughter.

Amanda smiled sheepishly.

"By the way, Amanda, don't you know the rules of our department?"

There was a dinner party last month, but they met a big bill. They were so busy that they didn't have time to enjoy life. This was the first time that Amanda had dinner with them. It was also a welcome party for her.

Amanda shook her head in confusion.

Standing next to her, Andy reminded her in a low voice, "every new employee should expose their love story."

"Ah..." Amanda marveled at the enthusiasm of the people in the sales department.

"I..." Amanda said in hesitation. More than 20 pairs of eyes were focused on Amanda, waiting for the explosive news of her rebellious youth.

"I.... I've never been in love. " Amanda whispered.

The crowd hooted again.

"Really? Even primary school students have fallen in love now."

"Our sister Amanda is very beautiful obviously." Amanda was a pretty girl. After the transformation that Jake took her to do last time, although she no longer wore the clothes that were too gorgeous for her, her chestnut brown hair make her look more beautiful. Many people said that Amanda became more beautiful when they saw her.

"But Amanda does look pure and innocent, like a child."

"You bastard! Stay away from Amanda. Don't hurt her."

Everyone was talking about it. Amanda looked a little uneasy.

It was Layne who helped her again. "Well, don't you feel ashamed to bully a little girl as men?"

"Hey, Layne, does it hurt your heart?"

"That's right. Andy and Alisha were also asked to expose their love story at first."

Everyone joked meaningfully. In fact, it was just a joke, but the speaker was unintentional, but the listener was intentional.

The wind was whistling outside the window, and the fire was burning inside. Drinking some alcohol, Amanda only felt excited and hot.

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