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   Chapter 10 Powerful Comfort

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Although Danny was not happy that night, he didn't make things difficult for Amanda.

Amanda still went to work as usual, and the two of them returned to the state of strangers.

With money, Amanda's father Bill's operation was arranged soon. Success or failure depended on this move. The surgery was scheduled on Thursday. Amanda had to ask for a day's leave in advance to stay with her father and make some preparations.

Amanda felt very embarrassed that she had to ask for a few days' leave in a row since she had worked here for only one month.

Layne didn't make things difficult for her. He signed his name on the note and asked casually, "What's the matter at your home?"

Tears streamed down Amanda's face. It was not a pretentious act. But even if she had money, the success rate of the operation could not be guaranteed. Amanda was really afraid that her father could not survive this and everything would be in vain.

Layne was startled and thought that Amanda had misunderstood him. He explained hurriedly, "Don't cry. I have approved your leave. It's just a casual question. I won't make things difficult for you."

Seeing Layne's panic, Amanda didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. She wiped her tears, shook her head and walked out of the office.

On Wednesday, Amanda was running around in the hospital, going through all kinds of formalities, signing the agreement and paying the money. Finally, everything was ready. The rest was to wait for the operation tomorrow.

After going through all the procedures, Amanda finally breathed a sigh of relief. Although she was still nervous, she couldn't show it in front of her mother, who was more nervous than her. Bill was not very nervous. Instead, he felt guilty. He knew that he was useless and brought trouble to his daughter.

Amanda had no time to feel nervous at all. She comforted her parents and had mixed feelings.

At eight o'clock in the morning on Thursday, the operating room was performed as scheduled. It was not until eight o'clock in the evening that the door of the operating room was opened for the first time. Amanda's mother was so nervous and weak that she could not stand up. Although Amanda hadn't eaten anything all day, Amanda still walked up to the doctor at the first time.

"Doctor, how is my father?" Amanda asked.

The doctor took off his mask with a serious look on his face. Amanda's heart was hung up. She couldn't let anything happen to her father.

The doctor's face darkened and put on a comforting smile. "Don't worry, Miss. The operation is very successful."

Amanda breathed a sigh of relief. The doctor continued, "But the next twenty-four hours are very important to the patient. He needs to recover his consciousness as soon as possible."

Amanda's heart ached again.

What Amanda and her mother could do next was to accompany him.

But it was good news that the operation was successful. Amanda bought some simple food to eat with her mother. Then they began to wait with hope.

However, as time went by, it was Friday evening, but Bill still didn't wake up.

The atmosphere gradually became heavy, and Amanda felt very helpless.

It was six o'clock.

There were only one hundred and sixty minutes left before twenty-four hours. Amanda felt confused. She wanted to cry, but she also felt ominous. Besides, her mother was very nervous, so she couldn't add any pressure to her mother's heart.

Amanda was the last person that her mother could re

ly on. She couldn't fall down in front of her mother.

But the atmosphere in the ward was so heavy that Amanda couldn't breathe. She stood up and walked out.

When she arrived at the corridor, she took a deep breath. Tears were about to fall from her eyes.


All of a sudden, Amanda heard someone call her name. With tears in her eyes, she turned around and saw a tall man standing in front of her. Amanda calmed down and wiped her tears. It was Layne.

Astonishment was written all over Layne's face. He was holding some test reports in his hands.

Amanda forced a smile and said, "Mr. Layne, why are you here?"

"Oh," Layne came to his senses and forgot to correct Amanda's appellation to him. "My sister is pregnant and my brother-in-law is busy. I'll accompany her to have a check-up. What about you?"

Pregnant... Amanda's heart ached again. Pregnancy meant the arrival of a new life. On the other side of the obstetrics and gynecology department, her father might never wake up.

Seeing this, Layne didn't dare to ask more.

Amanda was very sad. She could talk to no one, so she said to Layne, "My father has just had an operation. The doctor said that the key is in this twenty-four hours. But the time is almost up, and he hasn't woken up yet."

Amanda's voice choked with sobs. Layne also felt sad, but he didn't know how to comfort the sad little girl in front of him.

Somehow, he put his hand on Amanda's shoulder and said, "It's okay. It'll be fine."

Amanda couldn't hold back her tears anymore and began to sob in a low voice.

Suddenly, a man ran out of the ward and shouted, "Amanda, Amanda, where are you? Amanda, your father has woken up!"

Amanda shivered and ran over.

On the bed, although Bill's face was still pale and weak, he had regained consciousness.

He looked at Amanda with an apologetic face. He knew how much his daughter had done for him. "Amanda, don't cry. Dad is awake."

Amanda wiped her tears and smiled, "I'm not crying. I'm happy. I'm so afraid that you won't wake up. "

Her mother patted her gently and said, "Silly girl, don't say anything ominous. God bless your father."

Bill also smiled, "Silly girl, I have to wake up for you. I can't let all your efforts be in vain. "

Bill was a smart man. He had been in casinos. He could see the abnormality of his daughter and guess the origin of the huge sum of money. He felt guilty and helpless. The only way to repay his daughter was to live well.

Layne followed Amanda and listened at the door. He seemed to understand what was going on, It turned out that the relationship between Amanda and Danny was caused by Bill's illness. All the misunderstandings about Amanda had been cleared up, and he had a little pity for this strong and helpless girl.

At first, Bill noticed the existence of Layne. He gave a hint to Amanda with his eyes and asked, "Amanda, who is he?"

Although the young man at the door looked handsome and tall, Bill didn't think he would give Amanda five hundred thousand.

It was not until then that Amanda noticed that Layne hadn't left. She quickly said, "Dad, this is the director of our department. I happened to meet him just now."

Then she looked at Layne gratefully, "Thank you, Layne. You are the mascot of our family. My father woke up when I saw you outside."

It was not a formality, but the true feeling of Amanda at the moment. In this situation, the appearance of Layne did give her a strong comfort.

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