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   Chapter 9 Attachment

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Amanda and Jake followed Danny into the building. It was the first time for Jake to come here since he had worked for Danny for such a long time. Nobody knew who lived here.

However, both Amanda and Jake felt that there was a strange atmosphere around Danny.

The sanatorium was very quiet. When they went upstairs, a middle-aged woman came out and greeted Danny respectfully. She looked up and saw the two people following Danny. As if startled, she covered her mouth and took two steps back.

Then she realized that she was impolite, or that she had seen it clearly, so she calmed down and said to Danny, "Danny, please follow me."

With his back to her, Amanda couldn't see his expression clearly, but the woman stole a few more glances at Amanda.

Amanda felt a little uncomfortable and asked, "Is my dressing strange today?"

When they stopped at the door of a room, Danny stopped for a few seconds. Then he turned around and looked at Amanda with a serious face. "You don't need to say anything or ask anything when you enter the room. You just need to smile."

Amanda nodded.

When they entered the room, an old lady was lying on the bed with a dull look on her face. When she heard someone come in, she turned her head and looked surprised.

"Hi, Sabella. You are here."

Amanda was at a loss. Who was Sabella?

Danny turned around and cast a threatening glance at Amanda, hinting her not to talk nonsense.

Amanda didn't respond and looked at the old lady named Yolanda with a smile.

"Sabella, come here. Let me see you." The old lady named Yolanda greeted.

Knowing that Yolanda was calling her as Sabella, Amanda walked up to her.

Standing behind Danny, Jake had a strange feeling. He didn't know whether it was right or not, but he felt that Danny was a little nervous.

He had worked for Danny for so many years, but he had never seen Danny so nervous.

What secret was hidden in this remote nursing home that made Danny so abnormal?

On the other side, Amanda sat on the edge of Yolanda's bed. With a kind look on her face, Yolanda caressed Amanda's face and said, "You're thinner, Sabella."

Amanda didn't know what to say. She just smiled, feeling that her face was about to freeze.

Danny turned around and said to Jake, "Put the things over there. You can go out first."

Jake nodded and took the expensive supplements he brought to the bedside table. When he inadvertently saw a group photo on the bedside table, Jake was stunned for a moment and then quietly left.

In the photo, there was a middle-aged couple, in the middle was the old lady named Yolanda. Three of them sat side by side, and behind them was a man and a woman, they looked like very young.

The man was Danny, and the woman looked like...

It was Amanda?!

But when Jake took a closer look, he found that it was not Amanda, but a little similar.

No wonder Danny treated Amanda so differently.

But who was this girl, who was the so-called "Sabella" by Yolanda?

Jake was thinking when he stood at the door, but soon he came to his senses. He didn't care who she was, and he didn't like others to be nosy. As a subordinate of Danny, Jake only needed to do his job well.

In the room, Yolanda held Amanda's hand and greeted her warmly. It was rare for Danny to stand beside them patiently.

Finally, the old lady named Yolanda noticed the existence of Danny. Danny looked as usual, but his heart was beating fast.

Yolanda had slept for three years. Danny didn't know what kind of person he was in her heart when she woke up again?

Would she feel disgusted or cold when she saw him?

With an unhappy face, Yolanda asked, "Why haven't you come t

o see me with Sabella for a long time?"

Danny was a little surprised. Did Yolanda really lose her memory? Or was she out of her mind?

But it was not a bad thing. She didn't need to remember what happened in the past.

Amanda was startled. How could Amanda call the cold faced devil Dan? Amanda wanted to laugh, but she couldn't.

Danny didn't have time to answer. Amanda said, "Grandma, he is busy recently. Don't worry. We will often come to see you in the future."

Hearing this, Yolanda smiled happily. She patted on the side of Amanda and said, "Come and have a seat, Dan. Talk to me together."

Amanda felt a little relieved. She also saw the photo at the bedside. She thought that the girl who looked quite similar to her was probably the younger sister of Danny.

However, Danny slept with her. Wouldn't he think of his sister?

It was too evil...

Amanda was frightened by her own thoughts. Her face was a little hot and she could not help lowering her head.

It was rare to see Danny so gentle.

After lunch with Yolanda, Danny asked, "Grandma, we come here to pick you up and we want to live with you."

With a confused look on her face, Yolanda looked at the middle-aged woman, who was supposed to be her nurse, and turned to Danny. "No, thanks. I'm living well here. Rebecca Qin also took good care of me. When I came back home, you were busy and no one was with me. Why don't I chat with the old ladies here? "

Danny looked at Yolanda. It seemed that Yolanda's memory still lingered on three years ago. He said, "Grandma, no matter what, our home is always good than here. If you want to come back, just ask Rebecca Qin to call me and I will pick you up."

Yolanda promised, "Well, okay. But you have to come to see me often. You should not come because I call you guys. You should come by yourself. Sabella, remember to visit grandma often!"

Amanda was startled when there was a piece of sparerib in her mouth. She said with mixed words, "Yes, grandma."

In the evening, Amanda went back to Danny's home directly. Amanda didn't ask more. Anyway, she didn't have to go to work on Sunday. She was a little tired today. She would go back tomorrow.

After washing up in the bathroom, Amanda found that the light in the room was turned off by someone. She mumbled and didn't know who turned on the light, but she was held by someone and she was about to scream.

"You did a good job today." Danny's voice sounded in her ears. A warm wind blew over her ear.

What was supposed to come would come sooner or later.

Danny was in a good mood today, and his movements were patient and gentle. Amanda knew that resistance was useless, and she was tempted by him. Before breaking through the last defense line, she suddenly felt a little vindictive and said, "Won't you remember her when you treat me like this?"

Danny stopped and soon realized what she meant. Amanda adapted to the night and looked at Danny's coldly and cruelly eyes

Suddenly, she felt a little scared.

Danny seemed to be cold all of a sudden. He stood up from her, got out of bed and said coldly, "Put on your clothes and get out."

For a moment, there were kinds of mixed feelings in her heart. Amanda didn't know if she felt ashamed, embarrassed, or even a little regretful.

After dressing up, Amanda stood in the hall and looked at the closed door of Danny's room on the second floor. When she was about to turn around and leave, she suddenly found a group photo in the living room.

The two of them smiled happily.

The fake was always fake. She could only be a fish's eyes. She couldn't expect to get something that should belong to the pearl just because she played a role.

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