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   Chapter 399 You Are Lying To Me

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Murphy froze.

He wondered if he heard something wrong. He felt that Lola's words sounded like a confession of love.

So Murphy cast a sharp glance at Lola, giving her some hints. However, it seemed that Lola didn't see his eyes at all and kept flirting with Jacob.

Like a jealous boy, Murphy snapped, "That's because the baby hasn't been born yet! If you have a child, you will definitely leave Jacob aside. After all, the child is your own child..."

"Honey, the baby is also mine. I will take the initiative to make room for the child. Don't worry!" Jacob held Lola's hand tightly and looked at her affectionately. "As long as in my heart, Lola is still the first one. My child won't take her place!"

"Jacob, it seems that you are very confident! But in her heart, you are not the first one, are you?" Murphy sneered.

"Oh? How do you know whether I am the most important person in her heart? Mr. Murphy, I think you'd better take more care of your wife and daughter!" With that, Jacob walked past them and left with Lola in his arms.

Finding a place to sit, Jacob pressed Lola down and said, "Sit here and have a rest. I'll get you something to eat."

"No need."

"They haven't come yet and the show hasn't started yet. You have to pretend to be here for a while. Then sit down and I'll get you something to eat and drink. Wait for me." After saying that, Jacob turned around and left. It seemed that Lola was full of honey in her heart.

However, Murphy came over and sat beside Lola. "What the hell is going on? Lola, why did you come with him? What's wrong with you? Don't forget that the baby is mine!"

Taking a deep breath, Lola pursed her lips and said in a low voice, "What are you talking about, Murphy? Although there was an accident that night, I have reconciled with Jacob. I checked the time and found that the child was Jacob's. Do

ola and held her in his arms. "Your body is still so stiff..."

"You said you would only go there for a while. What about the food and drinks you brought for me? Where have foods been?" Lola asked.

Jacob pointed at Anna and said, "Look, Anna brings them here. ”

Seeing this, Lola pouted and shook her head discontentedly. "Tell me what happened! Why is Anna here with you?"

Anna didn't look good. She curled her lips and said, "If I don't leave them now, I'll be pissed off!"

Surprised, Lola asked, "What's going on?"

"That couple are crazy! Lola, fortunately, they are not your real parents. Otherwise, I will be so angry that I will spit blood! You don't know how they treated me. They said I am just an employee and a servant. So I should be bossed around by them! They even asked you to fire me!"

Lola finally understood. She shook her head and sighed, "It seems that they really regard themselves as the boss! That's why they said so much! Anna, don't be angry. I'll give you some time to vent your anger!"

"I don't want to talk to them! I'll just watch a good show later. I'm on your side, Lola. Hurry up! Paul will bring them here soon, waiting for your order!"

Jacob held Lola's hand and asked, "Are you ready?"

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